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During the winter the little lemon bonsai experiment has made some progress, so I reckon it's time to capture it's current state.
After accidentally snapping off a promising shoot by wiring it in shape, it straight up grew another one for a new total of 3 main branches.
I guess because I'm cutting off most of the growth especially the roots are developing quite slowly. But for now I'm quite happy with where this is going. The new branch is also significantly stronger than the first two, which is probably a sign for a healthy tree.

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Good job! It probably loves all the light in that window nook.

Glad you got those new branches wired out laterally. Once they sprout upright, it's so hard to train them do anything else. Think you got a really good angle on this. I've got a couple of citrus bonsai close to the same age grown from seed.

Thanks for voting and commenting! The big window is truly invaluable for growing plants in winter.

That's a nice little tree you have there. Too bad you accidentally broke the branch but at least it recovered. I regularly trim mine; it's about as tall as me. I can't remember if it's a tangerine, lemon, key lime, or sweet lime because I planted all those simultaneously but only one survived. I'm going to have to wait until it fruits, if it ever does that is

There is also a twin to this plant that grows in a bigger pot. Will be interesting to see two plants of the same age turning into completely different trees.
How old is your tree? It should soon reveal its identity.

I've lost track of how many years. Hmm maybe about 5 years old

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