You have a very cool look and I see you're really a big Matrix fan!😎👍

Thank you. Yes, I consider The Matrix more like a documentary film:)

Hahaha bro 😂

Red one for you Mr. Anderson :))

The glasses look cool though 👌🏾

Yeah, old school :)

Love that shades

Double glass, the dark ones can be lifted up, really cool indeed.

Looking handsome play boy 💪@feanor11

Did you notice the little light dot just below your left (in picture in reality your right) ear? Looks like an earring 🙃 At least it did to me the first second I looked at your photo 😎

haha yes, I did. Still not sure is it the light or little flower (this is an apple tree, and it's blooming now), but nature sure gave me this earring & it's kinda cool.

I opt for a little sun ray; Comparing with the other light dots in the photo