Thats not social distancing; More like social intimating 🤣🤣 EXIT is a festival that must be visited? Heard about it but never been.

This photo is from 2018. 😁 The words cant explain, you must experience Exit. One of the best mayor festivals in Europe.

Dont mind my little joke 🙃 Best festival I’ve been to many times in my life is Fusion in North East Germany. In Netherlands, I go with Wildeburg. Best club I’ve been too is probably Berghain. But I also liked to party with Japanese on their own grounds at Womb in Tokyo. And in Amsterdam we have a club called “De School” that I really like.

Wow! What a raver! Amazing experiences man. Add there Exit & Burning Man an you got them all 😁

...and I only mentioned a very very small part of what I’ve seen and experiences 🤣🤣 yeah, Burning Man I want, none of my friends though...too warm they say...Burn Africa is an alternative, maybe a little less warm and for sure a little smaller 🤣 Ever been to Garbicz festival in Poland, just across the border of Germany? Super festival as well, kinda mini Fusion but much much smaller and more cozy. Fusion/Garbicz sits somewhere between a normal festival and Burning Man: art, music of all sort, from 3 to 6 days event, bring you own food and drinks though can be bought as well.

Lets gooooooooo

Will add to the list; Guess no EXIT this year...

Still not delayed. They issued an announcement a couple days ago, awaiting another one. Will keep you updated.

Oww ok, in NL all festivals are halted until at least september. Now they say: at least until a vaccine is available which can be forever

At least once in this life, Burning Man is gonna see me :)

Can't wait to visit this festival with the most breathtaking location I have seen so far in Europe.

Can't wait to do it again 😁 A part of my soul is there.

I love those kind of happenings. Its like going to a temple and pray