My best photo yet? Having recently spent way too much on a new camera and set of ...

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... lenses, I'm trying to practice my photography as much as possible! Luckily, I have the most gorgeous and photogenic model with me every day😁🐶 (though I hope I am not spamming you with too many dog photos of Shiva?😜).

Anyways, this picture just blew my mind! The detail and light was just perfect, and the posture she has on the top of this little peak next to our cabin was simply majestic!

Think I'm improving my manual shooting, but still have all the work still ahead of me to learn post-editing. But I suspect that's where the real fun begins!

This will be my last day at the cabin before going back to the city again tomorrow. Lucky to have gotten such a fantastic day here first🙂


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It is a powerful shot and Shiva does look like a conquering hero :) Enjoy your last day away from the city 🙏🏼

Thanks a lot! Yeah that's the feeling I got too ;) wish I knew how to pose like that !

Haha ... You do know how to pose ;)

Nice, start experimenting using flash with the sun behind the subject, you'll see some really nice results :-)


Thanks for the advice! Will give it a shot :)

Great work, such a nice shot - the colors, the lighting, and of course the model 🐶

Cheers! I really fell in love with it too! And wish I was that photogenic, haha.

The dog is really cute and the surrounding environment is very nice, I share and post upvote on each of your posts, but you don't vote on any of my posts.

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Thanks! Glad you liked it. Well, I can still upvote your comment :)

He is like I am the dog see now. Looks how cutes I am. Lol nice cap bro.

This is a great photo indeed. We all need to keep practicing eheh

That's a wonderful click. The sun rays on the snow, looks like nature is all glowing out in it's full form :-)

This is an amazing click!

Wow..this is adorable 😊 Great capture 👌

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