Morning run🏃. Lucky to have this lake right outside the house! Friday's used to ...

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... be the toughest day of the week in terms of getting things done for me. Being either tired from a long week, or distracted by the plans for the weekend. But by knowing this in advance, I've made running a staple in my Friday morning routine. Now it's not something I think about doing, I just do it. This way, I'm always full of energy afterwards and feeling good about myself and ready to finish the week in style.

One of my "lifehacks" that has always proved to work is having the self awareness to notice when and where I tend to fail or slack, and then come up with a repeatable habit or routine to address it preemptively. Why keep having the same regrets over and over? For slow-ass mornings, getting up and move in whatever way is my number 1 cure!

In any case, I took this picture from right outside the house following my morning run. Running around the lake is approximately 8 km, but I have a usual distance that I run that is 6km. Today, that took me 28 minutes, which I'm really happy with (although it was a struggle at the end!)

But don't worry, I'll still be at the gym in the afternoon for my Friday upper-body workout, and will be trying to get a video together for the evening as part of the #getinshapechallenge ;).


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Developing habits and routines really is the best way to get going and keep on going. Like you said. :) Pretty scenery to run in. That also helps motivating the get up and just go and do it habit.

Absolutely! It's the small things we do every single day that makes us who we are.

And I just love this place, it's also where I grew up, so nice to be back home after a few years abroad and now having an apartment very close.

What an awesome view

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I know! Quite the contrast from when I used to live in the city centre of Paris.

I bet it was.

Run Forrest Run 🏃‍♂️

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Norway is so Beautiful. That Lake looks like one could just jump in it and swim? Awesome shot! Checking your posts I feel I rediscover the value shared here in a new way every single day. This inspiring post just make me go for a jog. Encouraging! You are being followed by a friendly neighbourhood vegan shinobi.

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