Full upper body workout! #getinshaoechallengebpost #2

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Once per week (currently Friday) I do one full upper body workout hitting each of the main muscle groups in an efficient and fairly short (30-40minutes including warmup) intense workout. By using only high rep ranges (10s mostly, but anything 8-12 can do depending on how good I feel on the day), taking very short breaks (60 seconds mostly. Sometimes 90), and also doing super sets in-between most exercises, everything is designed to maximize hypertrophy and optimize for muscle growth💪.

Today was a really good day, and I was able to do an increase in weight on my dumbbell exercises since last week!

This workout leaves me more pumped than anything, and it's all done really quick!

You should absolutely give it a go;)


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Amazing 😉 I hope your having Fun too.

Thanks! That's for sure :D

Wow. Absolutely great. I love those workout skills and techniques 💪

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Glad you liked it! You should give the same workout a shot ;)

Alas the link to the video gets blocked in the Brave browser...

Yeah, there seems to be some issues with videos from Appics being displayed properly on Steemit. I've given some feedback to the Appics team on it.

Great, hope that is an easy fix for them.

Tonic life, friend Fred. God bless you.

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