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Raise your flag

Be proud at heart yet stay humble in our deeds. Despite the server errors we currently experiencing now, let this be known in the Steem blockchain that once the Filipino people United for a common cause. To enjoy staying at home and just take photos of the food we eat. We definitely done our share making ourselves safe not because of other people but for ourselves and our loved ones.


Showing the whole world our awesome and tasty food we prepare for our family with love.

Here are the entries:

@coolarth's EntriesLink
Pancit Bihon
Ham Sandwich
Tinolang Manok

@sarimanok's EntriesLinks
Filipino delicacies that are usually offered ...

@elitogold's Entries1Links
Munggo Guisado or Sautéed Mung Beans
Stuffed milkfish

@godlovermel25's EntriesLinks
Pater with Chicken Toppings ................
Special Biko with Peanut ...

@joanpablo's entriesLinks
homemade ice cream........

@jurich60's EntriesLinks
Calamares a Filipino street food that's popular to ...
Siomai... nowadays this famous finger ...
Letchon this Pinoy food is always the center ...

@clynrms's EntriesLinks
Arroz Caldo ...
Lechon Kawali? Me! 🙋‍♀️😋 Been craving since forever!

@alinadavid's entriesLinks
Chicken Empanada 😋
"Cheese Scones". 🧀 Sooo goood.😋👍🏻
"Chicken Cordon Bleu" yummmerrs 😋👌🏼

@rickzzz's EntriesLinks
my ever favorite “Sisig” 😋😋😋 ...

@guruvaj's EntriesLinks
Our humble lunch. Three adults......

@atongis's EntriesLinks
Pancit for long life.! 😅😁😋

@dashand EntriesLinks
Ginisang Munggo Main Ingredients....
Pork Barbecue
Pork Adobo my Favorite...

@june21neneng's EntriesLinks
Pinangat na isda also called pangat ...
Okoy na Kalabasa Ingredi...
Chicken Adobo

@olivia08's EntriesLinks
Sinugbang Bangus - Grilled Milk Fish

@kaimor's EntriesLinks
sizzling tuna sisig with sunny-side-up and ...

@ranlou212's EntriesLinks
Tuna Flakes Meatballs-a pinoy made ingredient

@kendra19's EntriesLinks
Atsarang Papaya (pickled papaya)

@avelicac's EntriesLinks
ALIMASAG Common food of the fishermen
Adobo, tocino, boiled egg and salted egg w/tomatoes..

@arrliinn's EntriesLinks
Nilupak (Mashed Cassava)
Spicy Beef Salpicao for lunch
Super Moist Choco-Banana Cake


Roasted Chicken (inasal)

There they are folks.

Calling the attention of the Ambassadors of APPICS to the Philippines @extalifestyle and @nortetrader to now choose your Top 5 entries.

Post it as comments. After you post your top 5 I will choose the top 3 and decide who will take the first place, second place and the third place.

Criteria for choosing your too picks:

  1. Photo Quality (40%)

  2. Content (30%)

  3. Creativity and Uniqueness (30%)

Prizes would come from my pocket as this is my way to say thank you for all the support that I got from these amazing individuals.

Thankful that @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator03 has recognized my engaging activity set for everyone here.

3rd Place entry will receive 200 Pesos ($4.00) in cash prize sent thru any payment processor, 300 APX Power delegation for two weeks (14 days).

2nd Place entry will receive 300 Pesos ($6.00) in cash prize, 500 APX Power delegation for two weeks (14 days)

1st Place entry will receive 500 Pesos ($10.00) in cash prize, 1,000 APX Power delegation for two weeks (14 days)

2 runner ups who will receive 30 APX Tokens each plus the divided tokens fairly distributed to all number of entries minus the top 3.

All entries except for the top 3 will get a fairly distributed APX Tokens ( 200 APX to be divided )

Thank you everyone for your support, time and efforts!

Your loving and caring APPICS Ambassador to the Philippines:



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Choose your top 5 photos sir. Pahirapan Kita konti hehehe. Thanks! ☺️

Hold your breath @appics family @appicsph

Thank you Ambassador @fycee for initiating this contest.

This is for all of us! Thank you for participating nay Deevi! Good luck!

Drum roll..

thanks @appics for the opportunity, and to all appics Ambassadors all over the world, especially to the Philippines.


This is a good start for us to show our contributions to the Filipino Community as a whole. Thanks to @appics for this recognition. Appicsph is more than honored now that it has gained momentum on the way to success!

Wishing you all the best and luck for bringing this initiative to all of us here in Appics PH.

God Bless

Wishing you all the best and luck for bringing this initiative to all of us here in Appics PH.

God Bless

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