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... Run! - EOS Scam - Satoshi Nakamoto? - Google, FB, Apple Launch Crypto!
APPICS presents: The Latest News About The Economy, Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (Also For Beginners) & More! TODAY we discuss the EOS Ecology Wallet Exit Scam where $50 Million got stolen! 😱 A message from young Satoshi Nakamoto👤👀 TECH GIANTS Google, Facebook, Apple & Co jumping on the crypto train🚂 BITCOIN preparing for a 2017-like bull run (according to Bloomberg)💥 APPICS' TALENTS & MAJOR NEWS!! 📣Tomorrow, on April 30th (UTC +8) Hoo.com will list the APX/BTC trading pair! 🎊 Hoo.com is the world's leading digital assets trading platform and we are excited that you will now be able to trade APX directly against Bitcoin! Get ready & register at Hoo.com ⬅️ 🚀 To celebrate the launch of APX on hoo.com, we also have a competition with a 200,000 APX prize pool for everyone who deposits / trades APX on Hoo.com. (More infos coming tomorrow! Turn on your post notifications‼️ ► Learn more about APPICS 📲 https://linktr.ee/appics

You can find the Video here:


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Sag mal was ist mit @Appics los?

Die app nervt nur noch es ist zu einem Glücksspiel geworden dort zu posten ,kommentieren geschweige denn zu voten.

Was haben die vor will @appics nun doch von STEEMIT weg?

So kann man keine neuen user begeistern.


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