Very good idea! But the black pepper can be a bit too strong. I take curcumin everyday!

I need to look into that! Thank you :)

Depending what condition you are having!

For indigestion, all those four are very good! But we put garlic, ginger and black pepper on our food.

For curcumin, I take two capsules to sooth my stomach upset. Ginger and black pepper are good for getting rid of the ‘wind’ inside stomach. Garlic is good for killing off the germs and digesting fat in your food!


Am learning some of the medicinal uses of spices from an Indian friend. He recommended Golden Milk when I had symptoms of flu, incl turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, raw honey, vanilla and optionally cardamon, and warm milk. My grandmothers recipe was a bit more simply: Warm Milk, Honey of any kind and quite a bit of Cognac. Drinking them both when my body acts up 🤣🤣

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