The Old Dog Decides To: Count My Blessings And Not My Problems Part Three!

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As you may know despite the crisis I’m still going outside to hike in the area around my house. I’m trying to be more observant and appreciative of the flowers and plants that I see out in nature.

I had been using an App on my phone called PlantNet to identify them and learn ore about them. Another Appics user recommended that I try the App Picture This and the results have been excellent.

I’ve been able to identify the plant on in this photo as a Common Lungwart which is a species of Pulmonaria and is also known as Jerusalem Sage or Mary’s Tears. Even these leaves are beautiful!

It has been used since the Middle ages to treat coughs and lung diseases.

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


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Hmm, the leaves are also indicated some herbal sign which i have learned through my teachers.

I hope it can treat the Coronavirus too since the plant is great for coughs and lung diseases.

Hello kus-knee!

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I am going to check those apps out. I am the worst of remember flower or plant names!

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