The Old Dog Asks: Where Can I Access My APX Tokens? I just checked my tokens on ...

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... and my account shows zero balance. Just a question where are all of the tokens that I had? Especially my APX tokens which I accessed form there.

I used to send my liquid tokens from there to contest winners. What can I do know?

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My SE looks a bit different on PC. I can say I had staked different tokens and had to un-stake them in order to sell.

Mine are gone both staked and unstaked. Strange.

All apx tokens automatically staken. So you hve unstake first...

Not sure what to do about your spam. I am using APPICS one of the best apps and an innocent bystander.

Refresh the page a few times may help. It seems that Steem Engine can be a bit buggy at times.

Hello kus-knee! As I can see from your screenshot you are using ? That’s the updated version of Steem engine. Please try logging in at and see if that works. Also, it’s possible that you See 0 because you have 0 liquid tokens, since the rewards that you earn are automatically staked ? Please let me know if you have any other questions!

The old version doesn’t load. I had many coins both staked and unstaked. Too bad you can’t move to hive. I know that you are neutral and didn’t cause the problems. I feel for your product.

Thank you. Well we are already working on our independent blockchain solution which will include cross-posting to other platforms like Pinterest, Hive, Steem, etc . As for your tokens, can you find them inside your appics app wallet? (Go to your profile and click on the $ amount) are you on iOS or Android ? In the wallet you can der liquid tokens in the top left corner, and staked tokens in the bottom center where it says appics ⚡️ (= appics power)

Good news and I wish you great success. I love the branding here on Appics!

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