The Old Dog Decides To: Count My Blessings And Not My Problems Part Five!

in #appics6 months ago (edited)

I'm still busy having fun and adventure with my new mini hobby of identifying plants on my daily lock down walks near the house.

I’m using App Pics to identify the plants and expand my knowledge.

I’ve been able to identify the plant in this photo as Spotted dead nettle also known as Purple Dragon. The botanical name is Lamium maculatum!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let’s Succeed Together!


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What a beautiful flower 💜 and how fun to identify the plants in your neighborhood!

Thanks @agent! Yes it is fun and dare I say "Passion Rewarded"

‌‌‌It is a magnificent plant.

Its looking some wild plant from my locally, but looks very good in photo.

Yes it grows in the wild!

Don't let the leaves rub against your skin, they will cause a stinging sensation, quite painful.

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