The Old Dog Decides To: Count My Blessings And Not My Problems Part 9!

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Did I ever find a beauty during my walk the other day!

This is Myosotis Alpestris F.W. Schmidt or the Alpine Forget me Not! The flowers although tiny, are so beautiful and I love the color!

Remember, during this time of crisis look around and enjoy what you have.

You can’t appreciate if you don’t look!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let’s Succeed Together!


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They really are a sweet, little flower and I also love that shade of blue. Mine are still in bud and have yet to pop open. Not much sun here these days.

Thanks for the visit!

excellent shot! thanks for sharing

Gorgeous little beauties Mother Nature creates for us to enjoy each year!

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic will always be a "Forget Me Not!"

Stay well! @kus-knee💫💕