The Old Dog Has a Wow Moment!

in #appics6 months ago (edited)

Sometimes it’s good just to sit alone, look and meditate. The awe might just inspire you!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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Wow absolutely stunning and definitely Awe Inspiring!😍

What are you still doing up!!! :) night hawk!

Che bella vista! Amo la montagna, lo sai.


Would you do a backflip from this stone ?

If I were 30 years younger you might be able to talk me into it!

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Thanks for the visit!

wow - that is an awesome view. I think I can easily sit there the whole day.
Have you gained enlightenment?

Yes and it's still sustaining me!

Wonderful! :-)

..ya, understand that totally...enjoy..

Thanks but it was last year! :) Just good memories!

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There is a very beautiful view form the height.


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You have just a awesome place and well photo taken.

Yes it was nice!

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