The Old Dog Presents: Another Wow Moment! Going up high in the mountains gives you ...

in #appics6 months ago

... another perspective. If you get there it’s good to take your time, look and meditate. There is always so much good to think about and so much beauty to contemplate!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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If spent just few minutes at there your mind refreshing in just seconds, mountain has the natural power to keep you clam and fresh.

Another wow moment indeed. You will be enlightened soon, maybe you are enlightened already. :-)

Maybe! I'll go ask my wife she probably knows!

Yes it is a wonderful place for meditation in nature @kus-knee

Yes for sure!

So much beauty! I'm trying to figure out where it is...

How are you dear friend @ kus-knee
What a beautiful place, an intense calm is perceived, I would love to visit it and renew the energy
I wish you a great day

Thanks so much!

Wow! Absolutely Stunning 😍

Yes it was!

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