The Old Dog Presents: More Wow Moments! I LOVE big trees; their majesty and their ...

in #appics6 months ago

... power fill me with awe. When photographing them I try and give them scale by having someone stand next to them. Better still give them a hug and drink in their power!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


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This is really amazing to see such a big tree and hugging them like a big pleasant and relaxing with the mother nature.

This tree is a monstrosity, it is really huge. Excellent shot. Brilliant.

Omg, big trees are the best!! 🌲

And they come from tiny seed!


Thanks for the smiles!

What a giant 🌳

Yes it's a beauty!


Love it and admire it, too!! (Jose do Canto Botanical garden)

Wow! Now thats one Big Hug!!

That's a HUGE tree and it isn't even a Redwood!
I wonder what kind of tree it is and how old it is....hmmm-1.
I also wonder who took the picture if you are the one who is hugging the tree...hmmm-2

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