The Old Dog Presents: More Wow Moments Part 3! Yes BIG trees do wow me; their majesty ...

in #appics6 months ago

... and their power fill me with awe that is inspiring. In this case I had someone snap this shot of me next to this amazing creation! Seeing it and touching i gave me a special feeling!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


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I’ve seen bigger ;)

Ha ha ha .... beautiful... nice to see you on Appics of all places ... awesome

This is bigger than the previous tree, and really its gives a wow moment from the mother nature.

This is a very old tree. Such is also with us here

Wow!!!...what a power-treee

Wow! Wonderful! :-D

I've got almost the same photo!! of my girl hugging a very thick mighty old poplar.

Indeed a WOW one!! One need to grow in size quite a lot to be able to hug the whole tree. Though the act of trying does already a lot from the tree point of view I suppose ir better said I hope 😉😎

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