The Old Dog Decides To: Count My Blessings And Not My Problems Part 11! On my hike ...

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... yesterday I saw a flowering plant that I had often seen before but I had no idea what it was. Thanks to my new attitude regarding discovering, learning about and appreciating the world around I’ve found out the following:

Cow Parlsey, a species of Chervils it has the botanical name “Anthriscus Sylvestris”.

Cow parsley is sometimes mistaken for several similar-looking poisonous plants such as poison hemlock and fool's parsley.

It is considered to be edible, though having a somewhat unpleasant flavour. It is somewhat sharper than garden chervil, with a hint of carrot, to which it is related.

Cow Parsley can also be confused with giant cow parsley or giant hogweed the sap of which can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with the skin.

Remember, during this time of crisis look around and enjoy what you have.

You can’t appreciate if you don’t look!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let’s Succeed Together!


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You're so right! But we hope that people looking around also after this crisis...
The flower looks a bit like a little Elder....


With the Elder you can make drinks or for exemple prepare a beer dough, put the Elder insiede and after fry it.
It's very good and healthy and you can find some plant in Lugano :-D

Thanks for the extra info!

You're welcome ;-)))

Edible plants with unpleasant flavors are generally good for the body and have medicinal properties.

Hemlock is just like that! Just asked from curious!

Perhaps it's related.

Nature always offers us flowers that because we are always in a hurry we do not admire, but if we sat and looked around we would really see how beautiful it is.

Other names for this plant are "keck" and "mother-die".
Hmm, i wonder why it's called "mother-die"....

Hmmm there might be a story thee somewhere!

I do not think I have seen this copy in this sona of the world dear friend @ kus-knee. Your application is excellent, it allows you to learn more about the characteristics of the plants
I appreciate you sharing this information
I wish you a great week

Looking kinda like four-leaf clovers, but with more leaves and different colour... ah well, maybe they dont resemble the four-leaf clover at all 🤣🤣

No I don't think so.

it is very beautiful plant

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