The Old Dog Presents: Another Wow Moment Part 4!

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Here’s a photo from last Sunday’s hike.

It was a super tough climb with change in elevation of 900 meters. At this point we were almost at the top and we decided to take a break and drink in the view!

There is always so much good to think about and so much beauty to contemplate!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

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Oww Yeah! Definitely a WOW moment. Hope you were able to NJOY that one for much longer than just a moment! 🙃

Yes we stopped and had lunch a little higher up!

Super! Wish u a great day and weekend! 🙃

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Just feel wow, and amazingly view like Windows desktop wallpaper, if not could be easily take place in that category!

Yes it was nice to see!


Quale lago ci vediamo?


Il Lago di Lugano sopra Campione d’Italia.

Thanks! Trouble sleeping?

Falling asleep schrolling in bed makes me sleepy lol, good night!

What an absolutely breathtaking view!
Thanks for the virtual vacation! @kus-knee

This is a very beautiful picture. The height is considerable. thanks for sharing

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That was a great walk dear friend @ kus-knee you have to be in a physical state for an elevation of that nature. The image is really beautiful
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

Definitely a breathtaking view and a wow moment. I love the view that you can get from where you are.

Is it as peaceful as it looks?

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