If you find yourself in Taos, New Mexico, near the entrance to Maison Faurie Ant ...

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... iquities you will see this magnificent sculpture, which has a companion piece in the same plaza. If you go into the Antiquities shop, speak with the owner, Robert, you won’t be disappointed, such a character as you may never find again in this rapidly modernizing world. Robert, you have to say it with panache, like the French do, RowwBear!


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An amazing sculpture indeed. Thanks for sharing with us @lovejoy!

Very interesting. I had to stare at it for 10 to 20 seconds to really get a feel for it and to see all the aspects of it.

Very unique! You were so smart to travel South. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eric! Yeah, it was pretty much out of necessity... More like I fled south! And, bummed I missed you since you just arrived back in MN... come visit us in Taos. If you ski or snowboard, I’ll hook you up with a free day pass on the mountain here! Cheers, b

Thanks and I’m sorry we missed one another too! I appreciate the invite. We’re planned on possibly driving to Sedona early next year so if you’re still in Taos we might be able to make a side trip before returning back here. How long are you there for?

I’ll be here until April sometime!

Cool! That just might work. I’ll reach out if we can manage the trip! Enjoy Taos my friend.