More new condos ready to NOT get sold. It's estimated that there are 500,000 new ...

in #appics9 months ago

... units available to buy in Thailand but still, they won't lower their prices. At the outer edges of Bangkok, these 22sq metre shoeboxes are up at 1.39million BAHT. That's about 30k GBP or 42k USD. Seriously...


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Wow. Seems expensive for a small space. Especially with the Corona pandemic affecting the world economy.

Hey hey hey! These units seemed to be pretty decent I should say but yes these are fixed assets and these units are said to be appreciating. Though it would really depend on the location and amenities, their projected income versus their development expenses should be already fixed because there should be a certain number of units sold to hit their ROI.

But yes, terms of payment should be easy so that the middle-working-class could afford.

This is an exciting topic to discuss rather than the pandemic all the while.

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