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... smoking some Blue Lemon Glue and I was listening to what this country is doing in response to this lockdown.... To learn the "peak" is still two weeks away is heart breaking to say the least. Then after the announcement was made, for almost ten minutes there was this loud ass sound. So I went outside to record what the hell was going on and as soon as I started recording, they disappeared! Peacekeepers? Take care of yourselves and each other.


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The main thing we need to remember...

We are all brothers and sisters... under the same sky

I was recently diagnosed with TMJ so I've had to add that to my list of ailments. I'll be honest... it's taking a toll on me, and I've not been able to be active. But like I always say...


Hope you and the family are doing ok my friend...

Love and light...

I know you've been away. I have ups and downs and soon will do a video showing my medical paperwork.its so bad. So much I've uncovered. Take care Wes. Much love

Its getting rediculous, im sure there are more people dying from the Flu then Covid19 but never say anything about that, and there were never any lock downs for the Flu!!!

Living that AirPod life I see you, I see you!

Shit this are this fauxpods

Lol never the less, I see you like things no strings attached 😙