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... days women used to set under the full moon to regulate their cycles. Supermoons usually happen once every quarter year but once in a blue, we get an extra super moon. Hence that tricky ole saying, "once in a blue moon". You see the irony is that it happens a lot more frequently then people think. So next time someone says "once in a blue moon", maybe they mean 5 times a year. Ive been a bit down in the dumps avoiding friends.... its hard with the kids gone but as my friend @wesphilbin says #tomorrowisthegoal

A picmotion, kinemaster used in creating little collage. Song. Moon 🌙 Flower 🌼 #creativecoin #editing


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Maybe I should start going out at night, "Once in a blue moon." ;)
Hope you feel better soon.
I like what you did with the graphics, you're a talented woman.

#tomorrowisthegoal indeed! Wonderfully done post my friend. Remember to breath... our children become our world... and when they are away, that world shifts to neutral...

But you're a good Mom... remember what's important, and take this time to enjoy life... for it's very short and precious...


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Interesting fact! Though I dont have to work on my cycle, I’ll research a bit of the blue moon can benefit me; Would be nice. No full or blue moon parties around now, so I’ll not get that pleasure, I guess 🙃

wow interesting.you are so talented

Hey bud, let me know if your still hanging out. I miss my friends here and would love to see what's new with you.