🐍🐍🐍This is Nipsey. Nipsey is a Young ball python. I understand that some people ...

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... don’t like the way I feed my snake. but I think it’s better to feed a mouse alive, then feeding a frozen mouse, that I had to warm up In a cup and then swingin around the snakes face to make her beLIEve this mouse is alive... the snake eats to survive and it never takes more from the nature, than it needs. I’ll guess even a snake is a better individual than humans.


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No es nada diferente que seres humanos comiendo carne dado que no matamos la vaca nosotros.

I love python but not a snake its a programming language 🤣🤣🤣anyway thanks for sharing this kind of video

I didn’t understood the first part...

There is a programming language named python thats what i told in first part😊

Aaaahhhhh ok I didn’t knew that😀 #rookie

Haha no problem 😛

Yes! You are right👌.

love your last sentence🤔 guess it is sadly true

Willst du vielleicht noch eine kleine Kornnatter ? Sonst muss sie ins tierheim :(

Leider nein. Meine ist noch satt 😅😂 hoffe du findest jemanden.

Nicht zum verfüttern ... -.-

It is just nature. It happens. Some have to die for the other to be alive

Exactly! It’s the most natural thing! well, fuin and shin too😂😂😂😂😂