Dear @siavach, I have noticed you are downvoting @roxane‘s post with 2 accounts. Whatever she posts. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and feels very frustrated about this. I want to protect our appics community and do not tolerate such senseless downvoting. If you don’t agree with her content, you don’t have to upvote it, that’s fine. But please stop spreading negativity and downvoting every one of her posts. Thank you very much for understanding !

Dear @agent, I decided to vote on interesting content on steem. I reserve the right on a personal basis to consciously choose quality content or not.

I believe, as a member of a witness, that freedom of expression is a cardinal value. And I fully apply it. I do not see elsewhere in what, the fact that I downvote a photo of poor quality hurts your application. I am a user of your platform myself and I think that by voting for quality things and downvoting mediocre things, I am helping your platform to become bigger and more efficient. Do not be afraid of downvote and work for the community and not for our little arrangement with friends. What do you think ?

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