The secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new 🛠

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As you have probably already heard, Ned Scott sold his Steemit Inc. shares to TRON’S founder and CEO Justin Sun.
Of course I will comment on this topic as well because this will bring a big change to the crypto space and our communities. ☝️🏾

The acquisition by TRON will bring a change in leadership as well as a cooperation with one of the largest blockchain-operating systems in the world. ⛓

In the official announcement by Justin Sun, he referred to APPICS as "decentralized alternative for Instagram" - showing that we are already on their radar!

Another interesting cooperation to mention is between Samsung and TRON.

Newly launched Samsung Galaxy mobile phones will come with access to TRON DAPP services, and since all Steem dApps are now part of the TRON ecosystem, there will be benefits as well 💥 in addition to partnerships with Poloniex exchange and Bittorrent!

We will see what these changes will bring - I know some in the community have mixed opinions, but I will not jump to conclusions but wait and see how the TRON acquisition will turn out!

To stay up to date with the latest crypto news, download the Cointelegraph app to read or listen to their articles on the go. APPICS was even mentioned as "decentralized instagram alternative" in a recent post about TRON!
There will also be another post about APPICS on there soon, stay tuned.

On another note, have you seen that the Wombat mobile wallet supports our APX token?

That means you can send & receive APX tokens direct from your smartphone without any prior blockchain knowledge! 📲 and Wombat allows 5 free transactions on EOS per day.
You can buy APX tokens on there and then send them to the account steemenginex with the memo: "STEEMAPX yoursteemname"
Then all you need to do is power up in your appics wallet and you will have more APPICS power & voting influence in the network!

Download the wombat app:

Wombat for iOS:
Wombat for Android:

Now you have all the tools that you need to manage your tokens, introduce your friends and family members to APPICS and keep spreading the word! 🙏🏾


Powered by APPICS - visit us at


Many times what people need is nota brilliant mind that speaks but a gentle heart that listens. You speak real true words and am inspired. Thanks for the platform.

So true! Thanks for your feedback and good to have you on APPICS 🙌🏾

Its my pleasure to be part of this journey to Appics. Highly appreciated for your creativity. This is going to blast in future, and its not so far. Thanks so much.

Wow this is super news🔥🔥🔥🔥Appics #1🔥🔥🔥🔥 APX To The Moon🙏 Soon all who sell cheap will cry🙈🐼🐼🐼🙏

Go ahead APPICS 👏 future is yours ♥♥

The future is ours 🤝

Thanks bro for the info. But the main witnesses already blocked suns stake in the softfork on Sunday. Still should be interesting on the outcome of the join up. I like the wombat setup. Will use it more. And I'm sharing my experiences on appics to friends and family, some are waiting to see how this turns out. But helping others to start a account and get going. Will take time. Good times ahead tho. / Danke Bruder für die Info. Aber die Hauptzeugen haben bereits am Sonntag den Sonneneinsatz in der Weichgabel blockiert. Trotzdem sollte das Ergebnis des Beitritts interessant sein. Ich mag das Wombat-Setup. Wird es mehr verwenden. Und ich teile meine Erfahrungen mit Appics mit Freunden und meiner Familie. Einige warten darauf, wie sich das entwickelt. Aber anderen helfen, ein Konto zu eröffnen und loszulegen. Wird Zeit brauchen. Gute Zeiten voraus.

I’m happy to hear that you already introduced your family and friends. Our community is constantly growing 💪 We are working on improving the app and making the login process as easy as possible. Exciting times ahead 🚀

Right on thanks bro. Good to know. Exciting indeed . . . ✌😄

It was needed for APPICS Community. of course we already know about this news, but from you, its awesome😊. Thank you.

So much going on in the steem community nowadays! Let’s see how things develop ☝🏾

Let’s go 💪

fantastic news man! I am really looking forward to APPICS future developments. I can feel, they are going to be exciting....

So many exciting things planned! ⏰

Great great news! I totally agree with the strategy to wait and see what Justin will bring to the community!

Yes, many exciting new developments, waiting to see how it will turn out

All Great news, im always happy to spread the word about Appics. Im sure the new Tron acquisition is going to be great for the community, I prefer to stay positive and looking forward to see how it all plays out for Steem, and Appics, im hoping they keep Steem as is. Exciting times indeed!! Will check out some of your links etc. When im back on Steemit. Keep up the great work my friend, Go Go Appics!!

Awesome! Let’s try to make the Onboarding process as easy as possible for everyone! Thank you for your constant support! We definitely should be positive! Exciting times are ahead of us 💪

Always happy to see improvement on the App. Definitely exciting times ahead and looking forward to the full launch in the future! Go Appics/APX!

Happy to hear that 🙏🏾

Great minds always speaks brilliant words.You are the one who gave me the platform to stay here and many people too...Such a splendid words comes out from gentle heart .. I wish you gonna aquire many more in future..

Thank you, appreciate it 🙏🏾 This is only the beginning. 🚀

This are exciting strides of progress and opens new gateways of opportunity for all of us as a community. Appreciate the love, support and promotion as well bro, that was a nice surprise :) Appics is just getting started and continually building momentum, the road to success is a long and healthy one indeed!

It is but we’re going into the right direction 💪 Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I am delighted to support you!

I hope the future of appics is ​​much brighter ☺☺

Exciting things are already in the making ⏰ 😉

Can I have your e-mail? I need to get in touch with you or e-mail me at: [email protected]

Sent you an email!

Oh boy I seriously need someone to tell me how appics works! I tried to sign in but I keep getting told that they've not launched do you guys use it?

APPICS is currently in invite-only mode but since you have a Steemit account already, you can easily download APPICS for iOS here - and for Android - see you on APPICS 😉

Already done that

Thx for sharing your thoughts with us😃 it’s good to stay positiv and see the good things in the cooperation with Tron. One of the key factors is definitely how easy it will be to buy, trade and share APX. Wombat and the coop with Samsung will be important. But what about accounts and so on? There should be the focus of improvement to move more people to Steem/Appics. Let’s wait and see 😉 I guess we will see new highs for APX soon 👊🏻

I guess so. We all gotta adapt and keep moving on together

Exactly! 🤝

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