Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world 🌍

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Our community is growing daily and the APPICS team is constantly working on improving the app!
Because of your support we have already onboarded thousands of people and are looking forward to bring our social network closer to mass adoption soon. ⏳

The media is already starting to notice our platform and we are drawing more and more attention to APPICS 📰

Not so long ago, the American Business Magazine “Forbes” mentioned APPICS in their article “The ‘Billion-Dollar’ Plan To Kick Facebook While It’s Down“, while one of the biggest crypto news outlets „Cointelegraph“ also wrote about APPICS in their article “Steem Community Stands It’s Ground Amid Tron Takeover” which was released 3 days ago.

Talking about the media, we have another major announcement coming soon. One of the biggest European television channels is going to make a documentary about APPICS and blockchain in general. We are very excited about it and can not wait to spread APPICS even further!
But that’s enough information for now. 🤫

We want to thank everyone who followed us on our journey so far and keeps supporting APPICS! 💛🤝

Have you checked out the new APPICS Homepage already? 💻

We completely re-designed our website and added the new feature to buy APPICS power instantly at💥
The new power feature already had some great feedback in the community. Don’t forget to try it out and also upvote your own posts to put them higher on the trending page so your account will gain more attention!
Tell me what you think about the re-design and comment your feedback below ⬇️ -


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and still it's just the beginning... what a great community, and great news aswell. love it 👑⚡

Exactly - it’s just the beginning 🦾

Awersome👍 Best team and best people here, sooo positive,so passion, cant wait see more news🤗🏆🏆😍💞 Buy more APX, To The moon🏆🏆We all lucky, because we here now❤️❤️❤️

Exactly! You are one of the first users and can start building your own community before the mainstream world joins. Take this opportunity 🦾 And of course, thank you for your support as always 🙏🏾

Thanks! 🙏🏾

Wow this is so awesome! Awesome article by cointelegraph, Appics is unfassed by all the Steemit drama, Go Appics, I read their stuff all the time! So cool that theres going to be a Documentary on Appics and the Blockchain, exciting times ahead, glad to be along for the ride! Have a great day Tony!

Thanks, Karen! The whole APPICS Team is happy about your constant support! Exciting times ahead 😌

Thats great, im more then happy to spread the word about Appics!

Thank you, @sirwinchester for the good news!
I am new to Appics and I regret not having entered from the beginning. The site looks great but I have the impression that it is not seen as much as it should. It would certainly bring many new members to Appics if it were promoted more aggressively.
Another problem is the relatively complicated way of registering, this is because of Steemit ... the easier it is to register, the more users, in my opinion. I see enthusiasm and positivity in the comments of colleagues and it is good that it is, but in my opinion Appics has far fewer users than it should, considering what it offers.

Amazing update, 😁👍 you should arrange more contests

New contests are already planned 😉 stay tuned!

Haha Tony 👍 Hopefully it is something art related 😂 looking forward to it

Yeah! You are right! Appics on! 💪🙌

That’s great! Hope economy will work for us ☘️

Yes yes... Go Appics go..🏃🏃💪💪💪💪

Everytime i see one of your post i know it's going to be a great news! Congrats to you and all the APPICS Team!

Thank you, Steferretto! I appreciate it 🙌🏾 Good News for all of us!

This is great news. I love these new design features and ideas. We are excited as a community to come together grow and support each other in an easier way then just steem itself. You know you have my full support. Its the best functional dapp I use. Been on steem 3yrs now and I can tell you dapps come and go. The goal is an exciting one and staying humble to keep progression moving forward will benefit all users. You listen to us and thats a promising future for all in the Community. Lets hang on and stay strong and create as we ride the wave to good times ahead my friend. Keep up the great work you guys, we got your back because you are one of us with the same ideals and hope for the future and abundance for all. BE WELL

Thank you very much! Your kind words and feedback are much appreciated 🙏🏾 We are happy to have people like you on board spreading the word and supporting the vision!

You got it brother. Good vibes Good times.

Obviously one day Forbes will mention APPICS ♥♥ go agead APPICS 🚀🌛🌛

This community seems more receptive and supportive than steemit to which I belong for 2 years. let's continue like this!

We are really grateful to have such a strong, supportive community 🙏🏾 Let’s keep growing together and spreading the word about APPICS around the globe 🌎

Really looking forward to it Tony. Community is growing every day 🙌🏽

It is 😌🙏🏾

Loving it! It’s time to do the next big step forward ✊🏽😊

It's really a very good news to of the very useful posts in appics can consider as yours....we are here to support the appics as much as can...🤝🤝🤝

Yeh APPICS can do it 👊 feeling so proud to be an early member of APPICS 😍 Go ahead APPICS 🚀🌛


Will be resteeming over on Steemit. Go Appics!!

Whenever i see new post in your profile, i always expect it would be like something new feauture adding to the application.

Blessed to be apart of the beginning of a new era 🔥🌟

I'm new to Appics & blochchain. I want to be an investor, ambassador, guide people with onboarding. I'm in the process of buying APX (learning curve!)...would love to be part of the core team! Suggestions for next steps?

PS - I do SEO & digital marketing for a living

Hey Sophie! Thanks for your message and for your interest in APPICS! Please contact [email protected] via email to inquire about becoming an APPICS Ambassador 👍🏾

Awesome, thanks! Will do 👍

Wow, this project is flying. Good job Appics team.

The happiest news is, when see the favorite thing is going to succeed. As daniel say still it's just the beggining. Together we can conquer the world💪. and yes, also APPICS Bangladesh planning something🇧🇩😉

I’m looking forward to it 😌 together we will accomplish great things 🤝

Asi mismo amigo. con pequeñas acciones podemos cambiar el mundo!