Happy Easter APPICS Family 🥚🐰

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I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and enjoying the Easter Weekend -

even though most of us are locked-up in quarantine. If you have the opportunity to go out into nature 🌿 do it and get yourself fueled up with some sun ☀️ and vitamin D.
Use this time to reflect and prepare for the future.

Right now we have more time than ever to learn something new, improve our skills, or even start a new business.

Bad things can happen all the time but what matters most is how we react to it. ☝🏾
So keep your head up and spend your newly given time wisely.
Call your family & friends, grandparents, uncles and aunts 👵🏼🧓🏽 when you’re not able to visit them and stay in touch. They will appreciate it!

Also, stay tuned for the APPICS EASTER SPECIAL 😌🐣✨ coming up on the @appics Account 🤫

On another note - our user base has risen about 15% yesterday and increased to over 21% today 📈 I hope you invited new people to APPICS so they don’t only receive eggs 🥚 but also APX tokens today!

Pick 3 friends that enjoy posting pictures & videos and invite them to APPICS! 📱

Sending positive vibes and good energy to you!

Much Love, Peace and harmony


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Frohes Ostern Tony 🐥💃🏾

Danke gleichfalls 😊

Thank you! It’s always a great feeling to be in nature 🌿

Happy Easter bro! ✌️😀

Thanks 🙏🏾 Happy Easter to you as well!

Happy Easter mein lieber 😇🙏🏼

Danke Ely! Wünsche dir ebenso frohe Ostern 🐣

Hopefully you can also enjoy the sun! Have a great day 👌🏾

Happy Easter Tony🐣. Stay safe🙌.

Thanks! You too 🙌🏾

This what i call Sigth seeing and fresh chilling.

Exactly! I love to spend time in nature 😌

Happy Easter, much 🤗 stay always smile and positive🔥🔥

Happy Easter to you and your family 🐣

Haha I like that 😉 Have a wonderful day, Karen!

Happy Easter! 🙌 Beautiful nature 🌿

Happy Easter 😌🐰

So beautiful place 👍 Happy Easter sir 😇😇

Happy Easter 🐣✨

Happy Easter 🐣, that does not look like Switzerland though

Really ? 130 dollar .. circle jerking

Your name seems a bit ironic with this statement ;-)

That was before this inside votes

Yep it’s not a good look that’s for sure .

Stop 🛑 The Negative Energy ⚡️
Feel the good vibrations 🚀

Fuck this whale 🐋 voting

Any update about what’s happening with Appics and steem engine vs hive engine ?

Whale voting will kill this system

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 😚😊☺☺👌👍

Happy Easter sir 👍👌👌

Happy Easter 😇😇

I'm sure Appics will continue to grow, sooner Instagram will be amazed by the wonders of Appics. I got stormed on appics and I'm liking everything about it already. I together with @Michaelchijioke teamed up to bring people in our community on Appics Blockchain but there are some challenges at the moments

👊🏼 g

Belated happy Easter Tony. Looking at this post, all the things that you have planned at this time is already been a success today. Thank you for your greetings. Enjoy this coming weekend.

Looks like you spent the holidays perfect! Good to see that! Very inspiring Tony!