An artist must have his measuring tools not in the hand, but in the eye. 👁

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This masterpiece was drawn by a friend of mine ✍️ now it’s time for you to show us what YOUR passion is in a photo or video and win 5000 APX, APPICS merchandise and much more by participating in our contest! 🏆

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Make sure to include the phrase "passion rewarded" in some way to qualify for our contest, and use the hashtags #passionrewarded and #contest.
We're excited to see how you express your creativity and show us your passion! 🔥

The countdown is running - only 4 days are left to participate. The contest ends on December 10 ⏰


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That is cool. Bleach is one of my favorite anime.

Team appics is also into animes?😁 Awesome! The best one for me is missing. Itachi 😁

Excelente dibujo, mis felicidades al dibujante. Me gusta su estilo

Really nice art! So we have from left to right, ichigo kurosaki, zaraki kenpachi, you, kakashi sensei, and i don't recognize the last one... 😭 Maybe Aizen 🤔

Yes the last one is Aizen! you love Anime too? Now I like you even more Stefano 🤣

Nice, I was right 😬 Yeah i love it! and i watch too many anime and read too many manga 🙈 it's nice to find other with the same passion 😊 what's your favorite one?

Ohh so many!! Hunterxhunter, Boku no Hero, Dr Stone, Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basket, attack on Titan, demon slayer, Days, the promised Neverland, Fullmetal Alchemist... if you haven’t watched any of these yet you totally should!! 😬😬

Haha you have choosen so many great masterpiece 😬 in your list i miss: HunterXHunter (i know it's an offense 🙈) Haikyuu (i saw this a few days ago), Kuroko no basket, days, the promised Neverland (I started this one)... Right now i'm in love with dr.stone, senku and his mind 🤯 did you know that they made a reboot of dr.stone with the story of Byakuya? It's only 7 chapter 😭 other great anime/manga that i'm watching/reading right now are: the rising of the shield hero, that time i got reincarnated as a slime, sword art online (the saga)

You know what's up 😏😎

Stunning drawing ✍️!! I will call this masterpiece “ the Gang “ ⭐️✨⭐️

Beautiful art.I had already entered in the contest sir.

Great! We will announce the winner soon.

Cool art 🖼 piece, you look scary 😂

You think so? 😃

I think I wouldn’t want to mess with you. Seems like you have shuriken ready to throw at me 😂

Amazing! Looks like characters from Dragon Ball Z 😍👍🏻

That is one very talented friend. is not a thing you can just learn..learning the techniques is possible, but you have to have heart for

Oh wow, very nice. Is that you in middle? 😊

Yes, should be 😉

Uh yeah, I’m good 😁 but to be honest your friend did very good job. It does look like you 😊👍

Thanks, I agree 👌🏾

Pretty cool 😎☝🏻

Thank you 🙏🏾

Yooo that’s dope 🔥🔥

Im seeing a lot of different creative posts out there @sirwinchester ! Really love the drawing above, looks like a Comic, the artist is awesome!! Go Appics Go, and Good luck to everyone!! Upped and resteemed over on steemit !

Thanks, Karen! And good luck for the contest 🍀

Really epic figures 😎

very cool art👋🏆💋

I like it too! 😉

I like it 👍

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Thanks sir for vote my post

very nice

This is such an great contest 😁 too bad it occurred before I joined APPICS - would have created a drawing for this. Looking forward to other future cont

Future contest*

My favourite❤️❤️❤️manga🥰🥰kenpachi❣️

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