Follow your intuition, it will always take you to the right destination!

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I am happy that our APPICS family is constantly growing and new friendships are being built.

I received a lot of questions from people asking what they should do on APPICS to gain more followers ❓

My answer is commenting and engaging with other users. It’s not only about uploading great content, but also getting to know each other and connecting globally 🌎

Some of you are already doing it but this is just a reminder that according to our data, commenting is the most powerful tool to grow your reach on APPICS 💬 📱

Because this is the true value -
starting new friendships, getting to know other people, creating projects & new campaigns together, sharing your passion, speaking your truth and as a side bonus you’re getting rewarded in form of a Cryptocurrency token.

Let’s keep up this trend and let’s spread the movement even further!🗣

We are on our way to the public launch, let’s be role models for all the new users coming in and show them what makes the APPICS family unique 💛

I wish everyone a powerful new year! 2020 will be big for blockchain and crypto - and APPICS as well 💥 🚀 2020 let’s do this!


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very correct comments sir, it is very important to comment to establish relationships with other people, since each person has had a different life experience will surely have something to teach us and to share. WE ALL MAKE FRIENDSHIP AND MAKE GREAT APPICS 🚀

Have a good day sir 💪🏻

So true! The positive, thoughtful engagement on Appics is truly special and brings the brings the fundamental “social” aspect of social media back. Happy 2020 🙌🏽🎆🤍✨🚀

You are definitely right....! With the „Social Connection“ we can touch and reach more together! This is the best way of showing interest to others by networking with them via APPICS.

What up bro good times... ༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄༄



Happy new year! 🥂💥 I hope you had a nice nye celebration and a powerful start in 2020!

Happy new year 🎊🎈🎆!!!!!!

For you as well 😉👌🏾

Yes... Follow your heart ♥️ and find Passion with 🔺PPICS 😊

Nice! I like that one 👌🏾 Happy new year!

So true! Have a great start into 2020 and may your wishes come true 😃

Thank you🙏🏾

Glad to be a part of APPICS! I am curious does posting here go onto steemit at the same time? Also do we post anything, or certain categories? Literally just downloaded the app 😁😁

a good advice! sometimes the doubt takes over and we make mistakes. I hope that in this new year I will master my intuition and listen better the messages of the universe and nature.

I’m sure you will 🙏🏾 Happy New Year 💥

Lets right, Appics already like big,friendly community. Best way to see alot followers: be friendly and original. Im sure soon we see to the moon🥂🍸Happy New Year, chears🥂🥂🙏😘🍸

🥂 Exactly! 2020 - we’re ready 😎


Intuition is powerful and we need to listen to it more carefully. It usually does not disappoint ☝🏻

So nice to see you @sirwinchester ! I hope you had an awesome Christmas holidays spent with family and friends and I wish you a Happy New Year, New Decade! Im all ready to blast off with Appics!! Lets Go Go Go, it Will be Epic my friend!!

Thank you! Yes, I had a great Christmas. How did you spend your’s? Happy new year 🙏🏾🎆

It was very quiet with my 2 sons and boyfriend, thanks! Glad to hear you had great Christmas! All the best to you and your family in 2020 and the New Decade, ut will be awesome! Your post has much valuable info. for new comers, resteemed to help spread the word now that I am on Steemit!

Mine is always tricking me eheh

Your intuition shows your path but you have to decide which way to go. You never know where it will take you ☝️ Happy new year 🎆

If you follow your gutt and intuition, the fork in the road will take you to your right direction....

Happy new year! Looking forward to your travels this year

Exciting times ahead 🚀 Happy new year, Kevin!

Happy new year and you looking good

Thanks, appreciate it!

Agree with you sir !! Happy New Year 2020 !


Happy New Year! Have an amazing 2020 💜💛🧡🧚

Thank you 🙏🏾 I wish you an amazing 2020 as well!

Happy New year buddy. Hope you have a prosperous year.

Thank you! Have a happy 2020 as well 🙌🏾

Happy new year wishing you a great year ahead 😀

Thank you! That’s what I’m wishing you as well!

Happy New Year🎆.This year will be full of excitement💪🎉.

@sirwinchester, que tengas un excelente comienzo de año 2020! Hoy me estaba acordando de mis comienzos en Steemit y recorde este video!

hopefully this year the movement will be the biggest of all time we all are a part of this great journey... happy new year : )

We are already a part of a great journey! Let’s see what 2020 has in store for us 💪 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Tony ✨ Thank you for having us here and be a part of your vision 🎇 Have a powerful, healthy, amazing year full of surprises 💯🙏🏼

Thank you! I hope you had a great and powerful start in 2020! We appreciate you and are happy to have such supportive people helping us bringing our vision to life. More to come 🚀💥

Just following my way around and it makes me happy a great community which leads everyone forward ! ... cheers to a great year ahead ... happy new year 😊

I’m happy to hear that! Happy new year 🙌🏾

Hammer Text Tony! Auf ein gutes Jahr 🔥👍🏼

Vielen Dank 🙏🏾🥂🚀 2020 wird groß!

So true! Your own soul will not lead you astray. Even if that means learning a hard lesson. Some roads are just meant to be gone down.

In order for you to learn the hard way so your next path goes up again!

Happy new year 🥳

Happy new year 🙏🏾

Happy New Year to you and the Appics fam!!

Thank you! Appreciate it 🙏🏾🥂 Happy and healthy new year to you as well

La imagen quedo genial, me gusta mucho el fondo lleno de libros y arte.

Happppy New Year 🎊🎉🎉🎉Appics to the MOON 🎊

Beautiful thoughts 💭! Let’s do it together....happy new and blessed to you brother 🎊🥂👌🏿🍾✨🎉🙏🏿!

Your quotes seem to be just what I always need to hear! Thank you! 🤗 I applaud your attitude and your creativity. I value your collegial attitude and recognition of those around you. I love that you have a collaborative mindset, focused on the possibilities and the practical application of achieving them. Bravo!

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