When love and skill work in a collective way, expect a masterpiece 💥

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Our mission is to support and help people all around the world. We want to unite with likeminded people who have the same vision and create magic together!✨

I know that our APPICS family has major talents so I want YOU to tell me about your unique skills. Maybe we’ll find synergies and ways to collaborate 🤔

It could be anything! Coding, design, animation, producing beats, trading, speaking several languages and much more.

Comment below and share your skills with me ⬇️ 💪

In other news, we are on #12 in the global ranking from ALL dApps on stateofthedapps.com today! This is our highest ranking yet 🔥 💥 thanks to everyone for your amazing support!

Ps: Quickly check the Steem price. You already know what it means for APPICS when the Steem price goes up 😉


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So nice to see you @sirwinchester love this shot , you are missed my friend! I was so happy to see state of DAPPS yesterday with Appics ranked 13th I made a PopArt Comic about it and how we are 7th in the Steemit Tags, to share with everyone its so Awesome!! To be 12th now is Super and to see Steem going up is awesome! As long as we all keep posting and staying active we will soon reach #1, Woot! Shout out to you and the whole Appics @Appics team for all the work you guys do its much appreciated! Lets Go Go Go!!! Upped and now resteemed over on steemit
Love Connecting Globally!

to begin with beautiful photo, is the bridge of San Francisco? As for what I love to do, I love to help people change their vision of the financial world, STOP WORK TO PAY! I help people create a passive income in several ways in collaboration with @steferretto

Hey @ravelb! That sounds interesting, would love to see more content from you where you share some financial advice and tips for passive income with people . And of course, blockchain technology offers so many opportunities for that already!

Oh yes man in 2k20 @steferretto and I will greatly expand our network of people and certainly post more content about it! If you are interested in how we help people contact us on instagram (ravel_bergero or steferretto) or on telegram (@ravelb or @steferretto) 😬 have a good day 💪🏻

Hey bro. Awesome gate capture!
Another thing I like is you guys are active in keeping the vibes alive here on appics. And we know your working hard in the background too. Thanks for this awesome app. As for what you ask, about sharing skills here, yes its a great point for reference.

  • As for me going by the name Krazypoet, this name fits in many different catagories_ _ _
    *1: most obvious is poetry, I lay out poetry vibes whether good or not, when I feel it, I usually get inspired by others work or my own, which will be usually under a photo I post.
    *2: I'm a professional music 🎶 producer, so yes I make beats and all the other things that come with it. Now under my label krazypoet productions, I'm on any major platform streaming or otherwise. I had also been signed to international record labels over the years.
    *3: I'm an artist that utilizes what energy I vibe or need at the time being album art, or just fun cool looking images. I have been an HDR extreme artist since I learned about it many years ago. So you will see this reflected in my photos.
    *4: I have always been a positive influencer. But don't think I'll not call it how it is as well. Hence the bipolar side of me. But over all a positive Christian influencer.
    [The generous person will prosper, and whoever refreshes others will himself be refreshed.​—Prov. 11:25]
    *5: I'm a hip dad with a family that vlogs, lol but yea that also qualifies me in the video production category. I utilize my pocket computer these days, but have all major programs on my studio computer for big projects and marketing, like after effects cinema 4d and etc.
    *6 : We "travel" the West Coast sharing Cali west coast vibes hence the vlog life.
    *7: I'm deep in blockchain tech for its mission to free the world. I'm apart of the eos community and steem community from day one. I go to some local events in LA and San Francisco when I can, for support and encouragement in the community. I don't code but suppose I could if I tried or maybe I'll stick to website creation and community support that works for me lol.
    *8: well I cant really think of much else at the moment, but happy to share here with the appics fam for sure.
    Though I am on a mission, if you wish, to onboard other users from other centralized apps which im still apart of and have small communities I could encourage ones in.
    I have great ideas for the coming days if you want to make me a "brand ambassador"
    I would be happy to help. I have been a brand ambassador for many apps over the years and still an active ambassador for some new apps.

Anyway thanks for all you guys do and I'm in it with you guys. Here is a link to my bio which im going update today.
https://instabio.cc/krazypoet _________________________________
S҉T҉A҉Y҉ I҉N҉S҉P҉I҉R҉A҉T҉I҉O҉N҉A҉L҉

      @𝙠𝙧𝙖𝙯𝙮𝙥𝙤𝙚𝙩                                                                    ∆P⃟  P⃟  I⃟  C⃟  S⃟          

‌🇵‌🇦‌🇸‌🇸‌🇮‌🇴‌🇳 ‌ 🇷‌🇪‌🇼‌🇦‌🇷‌🇩‌🇪‌🇩

Another thing is we need the option to edit .... Auto corrrect and a tiny window are a real pain as you can see. Lol forgive my misspelled words.

I usually do all my editing , correct spelling, adding more photos, text or links over on Steemit. After a bit it the spelling corrects on Appics. Untill the App. Fully launches I guess. Best of luck to you my friend!

Oh yea cool thanks. I'll go edit it then so I dont look drunk lol... Have a good one Karen ... Ttyl

Hahaha, cool! Yeah I just finished my pizza posting on Appics by adding in additional photos etc. Over on Steemit! Your very welcome my friend, glad to help!

looking forward to meet great people ✌🏼 and again, nice, productive meet up yesterday 👊🏼

I agree! Looking forward to what's to come 💪

I love acting and making shortfilms 🤝 will do an Ad for appics shortly 🤝🤝 Made an post about Appics on Instagram..please check it out ☺️

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Awesome 😃

Thanks 🙏🏾

All the color matches together ✨✨✨🤩! Stunning one ☝🏿!!

That’s a great mission 👍

You are awesome bro 🤟 Beautiful shot.

Thank you! Appreciate it 🙏🏾

Es sieht aus wie vorm Green Screen 👏🏼👏🏼 super Foto !!

Vielen Dank! 🙏🏾

True that! In a time where everybody try to make it by himself - let’s make it together 😻

Wow dude. That is an awesome photograph. I absolutely love the backdrop.

Thank you! 😌

THA SIR! wao so many good news! great idea about sinergy within @appics family!

Let’s start supporting one another and find out about each other’s strengths 💪

Wow, this photo is so beautiful. Have a great weekend Tony 😜☀️

Thanks, Ana! You too! Lovely greetings to your family!

Epic photo 👌

Thank you 🙏🏾

You are welcome

Looking so good sir !

Appreciate it!

Congrats for #12⬆︎ & hope to make it higher🍀

Enjoying 🎸 brk💃

What a nice skillset! These languages could really help connect different APPICS communities. Also would love to see some of your footage breakdancing or playing the guitar!

Hope we can find some synergies in near future🔥 Cheers!

Very beautiful, appeared after many days

Best team and community,thats why we go up,more and more💞🏆

Are You in my country???? Or San Francisco??? Awesome photo. Love it. Congrats for the awesome job You have been doing. When it comes to skills that I have. Eheh I like to think that my most valuable skill that I use in here. Is to annoy You all from the Team APPICS trying to drive You crazy. 🤣🤣🤣 That is my super power.

Wow. Classic photo. Have a great weekend.

Thanks! You too 🙏🏾

is it ever going to end up in gen app store?

Yes of course!

is there no solid plan for when that will happen? is the timeline posted anywhere?

Wow! Very beautiful! Cool photo! 🙂👍

Thanks a lot!

I love to write weird contents - riddle-ish contents. And take pictures.

@ced000 speaking... Haha! Not the entire force.

I could attract customers, and organize meetings, teach people. I love this, I hope the first meeting will be possible in the spring in Ukraine. With your support 💖

Hey Tatiana! That’s great, we would love to support our community with more local meetups all over the world 🌎 We appreciate your engagement and are looking forward to grow our APPICS family in the Ukraine / Russia! 💪

Im sure, together we can do EVERYTHING😆😆💕🙏😎

Thank you so much for the awesome upvote my friend, it is so appreciated!!

I speak 6 languages fluently ( German, French, Dutch, Spanish English and my native language Luxembourgish

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Great to meet the boss himself. A lot talent here. Mine is a bit of everything. Passion for music, sports, photo - professional more the expert for strategic sales, marketing and comms in technology. Led a global blockchain comms campaign which was fun. Love the Steem community and the variety of DApps - thanks for creating Appics @sirwinchester and team

Hello @sirwinchester. Been with Steemit for quite some time now. I am good with cryptocurrencies, providing simple walk-through on whatever process I'm good at, content creation, essay, online marketing, advertising and promotions. Thankful for this awesome apps. Will always try my best to stand out and also acknowledge the creativity of each members here. More power #APPICS.

Great news regarding rankings and price. Most importantly for me is having fun using Appics.

Great to hear 🙌🏾 enjoy 😄📱

I’m the Music Director and Composer for Splinterlands. I would love to create music for APPICS if needed. ❤️

i can see the appics app on the google store now, what level key does it need for me to log in? would i be able to simply enter my steemit name and key and log in? i don't need to do it from my google app store e-mail which I believe was needed previously?✌️

Whoop I’m in dis bitchhh😅😎🙏🏼🔥

Loving Your Works Big Time

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