Creating Mandalas in the sand. The beaches are off limits now, patrolled by local ...

in #appicslast year

... police to ensure social distancing... But we'll be back soon!


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I don’t know what is wrong with the egg post - but I can’t upvote it...

It was sad and lonely with no votes so I tried (and failed) too

We will be!!!

Were you the ones who did that?

Hi fycee! Another friend (who I will bring onboard soon) is the main designer of the mandalas

Will be looking forward to that. You should use your referral link.

OK, will do!

Hahaha surfing is now illegal. This is why you need private beaches like down in Rosarito in Mexico

Not surprised. I heard police are patrolling the beaches so no one goes there

Mexico sounds great about now

I remember that

It was a great day :)