Looks great, what a fun activity! Happy Easter dear Sophie!

Thank you 😊

Look super😁 what dyes did you use?

Oops, reply below 😁

I'm able to access this post now, cool! I thought it was going to be frozen in time forever. Hi Jazzmine 😁

Hey sophie😁 no problem. You had a great idea with the red gabbage - i will try that out. Last time i put tesa around it i would like to try it out with flowers...

We used nylons (tied at the end) to hold the leaves and plants in place before coloring. Have fun!

Sophie asked me to find this post & respond because she’s locked out (Android user) And said to tell you she used onion skins, red cabbage, turmeric ...✌️😊

Many thanks😃 that is amazing! I tried it before with onion skin as well - but i didn‘t think of red cabbage! Thanks for the ideas👍🏻