Excellent news 🐕

Thank you, I'll pass along the good wishes

Ohh beautiful news i hope she recovers fully!

Thank you🙏🏻 Me too


Oh I wish a swift recovery! She is so lucky to be with you and that you look after her 💙🌹

Thank you (I'm very proud of my daughter... ❤️ She takes such good care of her animals)

I feel the same; that's gotta hurt 😢

Get well soon baby

Thank you, I tried voting for your comment but the 'server is not available'

Lol no problems. I even prefer u follow me.

Usually I'm just on APPICS and I'm not very familiar with Steem, but I will try to log on to do that👌🏻

Lacie has awesome carers who love her. I'm so happy that she is recovering well.


Thank you, that's very kind. My daughter does it all

I hope evertything is still going well for Lacie.

I trust Lacie is getting back to herself.

Yep. Some internal stitches broke so they had to open her up again, but she's almost good as new! Thanks 😊