Clairalience 🌷🌸🌺 Clairalience is the spiritual sense of smell. This is experiences ...

in #appicslast year (edited)

... when we smell the scent of perfume of a loved one when their spirit is nearby, or smelling smoke where there is none as a warning sign.

Did you ever experience that?


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I love this photo so much 😊

Hehe photo made by you 😌

Ohh no looking so crazy 👌

Appreciate it 😊

Beautiful as always, so serene! 😍 Yes I have experienced this!

Crazy right! I am so fascinated how everything’s connected


Wow... gorgeous

Thank you :)

Awesome one Soldier. Some might say those experiences are psychologically induced by our memories or by fear.

Scientists were always skeptical about spirituality because some things you just can’t prove and you have to experience it yourself. But even if it’s true or not, I am fascinated how things are connected or how our brain works 😯

Can’t wait to be able to take some photos of You.


Burst brain Burst Brain.

How should I understand that? 😅

Looking great

Thanks 😌

How‘s the taste?

I haven’t tried it but the smell was amazing ☺️

You are so beautiful to look at.....good shot

Appreciate it 🙏🏽☺️

Love it ! I feel you 🌸

Thanks ☺️🙌🏽

The feelings is so amazing 😍

Hi nice to meet you here

Likewise 😊

Stunning beauty 😍❤️

Thank you love! 🤍

I don't know if thats me only...but whenever any type of accident/incident gonna happen...i start feeling very different couple of days beforehand...and then happen...latest one was s week son falling of the bed...scary moments...but was talking and advising abt it 4 days before!!!

Wow that’s so crazy!!! I’ve never experienced that but my mom did.

Hope your son is alright tho 🙌🏽

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