Pulled a Legendary Summoner out of an Untamed booster pack!

in #appicslast year (edited)


Thankfully today I got a lot of DEC from my daily rewards!


So I figured why not buy a booster pack!

I have not had much luck with Potions, but I thought I would try my luck, and I am glad I did!!

This also was my 222 booster pack, which I got 1 Mimosa from the 221 packs I was eligible with from the airdrop.. So I would consider that very lucky!

Maybe it was my Irish luck come early

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Thats awesome, you are so lucky!! My sone got one of those airdropped and sent it to me for my Birthday Tomorrow!! To bad it didn't turn Gold lol!!

I know right! That is awesome of your son!

Yes indeed! Best of luck to you and the season end rewards!

You as well! Hopefully you get a GFL

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