So beautifully teaming with life, I love the underwater world and that yellow fish is Gorgeous!

Thanks Karen, I could have sat there for days just watching them all. They were so colorful and flowing so beautifully with the water's current. Mesmerizing.

I haven't been to Sioux Falls in Years, I didn't realize they have an aquarium. It's a beautiful picture!
I used to go to some fish store in Sioux Falls, it was huge! I used to go there just to look at all the fish, especially the saltwater fish. It was located by the zoo not too far from Sherman Park.

My niece lives in Souix Falls and she took me to what was called the Butterfly House and it had all kinds of fish, stingray, and starfish. They even had a huge jellyfish that was gorgeous. I will have to have her take me to the zoo next time I make it out there. She took me to the falls at Christmas and that was spectacular with all the lights along the river. It is quite the town.

Nice ..Yellow fish a delight ... :-)

Oh my goodness, that is beautiful!

Thank you, I could watch them for hours.

Very nice photo! That is one interesting looking fish.

Thank you Starworld