Welcome home, Tim on APPICS and back to Steemit!

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Hey everyone and welcome back!

Well, in this case, I should say guess who's back! What a surprise right? Most of you, if not all, didn't expect this to happen but wonders happen. The lost son returned back home. Rumors have it that I lost my phone in the deep jungles of Borneo last year and I just got it back per mail! A chimp took it and tried to crack my passphrase but didn't make it. QWERTY was too difficult to find out. Sadly all my private keys were written in plain code on my phone and I lost them... no keys... no Steemit... but the chimp sent me the phone back!Alright, enough weird fictional story for today. As you see I'm posting via APPICS now. This has simply two reasons. First of all, I really do like APPICS and secondly, you know I love photography and what's better than a social media platform for sharing pictures?However, I also do like Steemit so here is the deal. I'll post my shots and photography on APPICS but will also continue with my TimTravels blog on Steemit. Stay frosty and Steem on (Appics on? I need a new slogan...any ideas?),Tim

P.s.: As for the picture, it, of course, does have a deeper meaning. Sometimes we set ourselves goals and the way to reach these isn't always easy. There are mountains we have to climb and sometimes you fall. There is sea you have to cross but the ship goes down. No way is straight but takes detours. However, in the end what matters the most is that you never lose sight of your goals 


Beautiful picture! It carries a special

🤔 I wasn‘t done yet... I guess my fingers are to big 😅 Anyways.... It carries a special mood! I love it 😃

Thanks @tabealouise. Every picture has a message one has to decode but in the end, it's up to the person and their interpretation

Yoooo!!! What up Tim! 😉✌

It’s been a long time buddy! Happy to hear from you 🤩

Welcome back!

Feels good to see the OGs

Welcome to the APPICS Family, Tim! 💥🔥

Where great people come together 🔥

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I don't believe it. Think it's morel likely that the chimp that figured out how to log in and post with your keys!

Give me banana please 🍌

It's Steem not Steemit idiot!

I really don’t know what to say now lol. Obviously I’ve been away for too long 😅

Welcome to Appics @timsaid ! Glad your here, and glad to have always followed you!

Thank you Karen for your support. I’m happy to be part of the Appics family now and we all will have a great time together

Welcome back on Steemit @timsaid!

Thanks my friends!

I thought you dead... And your return makes my @timsaiddead account kinda awkward.

Welcome back in the pool.

I really had to check if that account exists LOL, you got me. Thanks for the warm welcome

Welcome back to Steem.

From You always gorgeous photos. No doubts.

Thanks man! You made me smile

And that comment made my day

Very cool shot! Dig how the sky and water look connected at the far right! Glad to see old names popping up again.

Crazy right? What an illusion, breathtaking

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Welcome back bro🙌.I see, everyone is very happy to have you back, and Surprised too. I'm happy because, you kept your promise😅

I always keep my promises bro

very timely. i needed that pep talk

Haha, pep talk is always there

Hello! WElcome back!

Happy to have you supporting me!

Lovely to have you here on APPICS with your wonderful photos!

Lovely to have you here with your lovely comments!

WELCOME !! Very nice photo 😍

Thanks ❤️

Welcome to APPICS Tim! 🙌🏼🎊🎉 it’s never too late 😄

That’s absolutely right! It’s never too late

Welcome Tim! Good to have someone like you here to draw more attention towards this fantastic dapp. 👍🏻👏🏻

Hey 👋 took a bit until I found my way but now it’s time to celebrate

Majestic shot! Love it welcome to STEEM

Thanks buddy! Glad you enjoy

!giphy home

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Hello! Welcome to APPICS.. hope you enjoy this journey on the blockchain universe!

People like you definitely make me enjoy it

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Thanks! I appreciate, more is coming pretty soon 🔥

Welcome back.

Thanks my friend!

You're welcome