Leisure time after piano practice with a new book, some sweets and tea~~~ I went ...

in #appics3 years ago

... and found some really good books at a 2nd hand book shop. Haven't read a physical book in a while, the feeling of paper between the fingertips as you turn a page is... something else compared to reading on my phone.


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2nd hand bookshops are dangerous to me since I would always want to pick up a few books and I've been barred to do so since I am running out of space to stash them in :3

Drinking tea in a jar is very hipster, @tin-tin! :D

Love your updates <3

Hi, hi! It's been a long time since I've been to one, so I bought a lot this time around(*≧▽≦) I don't have much space, but I'm trying to collect more physical books. When my brother asked me where I was going to put them (books), with my limited space, I told him I was going to put them on my bed XD

Yes, I can relate to this very much XD !!!!

And the jar is...well I wanted to bring my tea with me to our music building...I couldn't bring a teacup with me of course.

You know, it is very fashionable to drink from jars in Melbourne, these days !

Lovely! I'm currently read a physical book as well... It's really a different feeling compar3d to soft copies. Unlike yours mine is a reeeeeally old book. "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens😊😊

Oh, I've read the same book (like, a very long time ago), but only the e-copy. It would probably be better to read a physical copy, especially as it's a classic, the experience would be more... real, I think?

Somehow I wish I could get the e-copy. Different preferences, I see we have😅

Really? I'm not alone in jar-drinking then, thank goodness °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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