TWO WEEKS OLD | Click to watch his kungfu video 😬

in #appicslast year (edited)

This week has proven to be much harder with sickness and a little taste of the future of the T&P brothers personality clash.
Baby P is a light sleeper, can startle easily and T loves making noise, especially sudden ones and is a heavy sleeper but hard to wind down.
P doesn’t like the cold (hates changing nappies and cold wet wipes) or being touched.
T loves the cold cand touches everything and everyone. I remember he loved the change table. They are such opposites... and it does get hard when they are both upset and set each other off but we hope we can find common interests too so they can complement and be best buddies! 👦🏻👶🏻
#twoweeksold #milestone #newborn #kungfubaby


I know what you mean. I have the same challenge with both my boys. They too are very opposite, yet somehow, over the years, they found a way to bond with each other. Sometimes, we cannot force it out of them. It's a journey as siblings they will have to find it themselves eventually.. we can only pray that it happens sooner than later.

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