He is 4! My boy turned 4 on Saturday and we had an iso birthday for him which included ...

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... opening presents, playing games, a zoom party with his favourite people, watching video messages, eating yummy food and hanging out with mummy and daddy!
T has been challenging in the recent times, however he’s been really loving time at home with us and his new routine. He’s been doing a lot of homeschooling with kumon workbooks, Montessori printables and virtual preschool as well as doing craft kits I’ve bought him and made for him. He enjoys the academic challenges such as phonics and addition which he exceeds at beyond his years, he also enjoys sensory activities which give him the down time he needs. We often do find it hard to understand him as he thinks differently to the neurotypical but we hope when his speech improves with therapy that will help us know how to help him better. He’s always going to be this fun loving innocent but matter of fact boy that we’ve always known and we pray that we will keep being patient with him and help him hone the skills he develops positively and encourage him when he’s has performance anxiety.


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He looks so cute! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!👑

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