Bitcoin confession from Apple's founder

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A Bitcoin confession came from Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of US-based tech giant Apple.
Especially with the astronomical increase that we have lived in the past year, Bitcoin has been making a profitable contribution to its investors, and recently it is on the agenda with the explanations of popular fashions.
Among the names investing in Bitcoin are famous celebrities. Steve Wozniak, a US-based technology giant, Apple's founding partner, has announced that he invested his money in Bitcoin for some time in the past few weeks.
Wozniak announced that he had invested in Bitcoin at a price of $ 700, and then withdrew from the Bitcoin market after the increase.
Stating that he had invested in Bitcoin previously, Wozniak confessed that he was the victim of hackers during trading.
Wozniak stated that the attack on the credit card lost about 72 thousand dollars

Wozniak is not the only name that comes to mind with his investment in Bitcoin!
Tylor and Cameron Winklevoss of the US named twin siblings as the first bitcoin billionaires in the world, with the value of the virtual currency bitcoin being worth 11,413 dollars.
The Winklevos brothers, whose fortunes reached $ 1,046 billion, announced that they had made a profit of 10 percent by investing in bitcoin, it was announced that they have about one percent of the world's bitcoin volume.
The Fortune magazine reported that the twins began to purchase the virtual currency at a value of $ 120 and had a total of 91,666 bitcoins.
Entrepreneur brothers, also known as Winklevii, are reportedly trying to set up a trading fund to open up BitCoin for corporate investors, but have not been approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Harvard University graduate Winklewii brothers, who did not sell any bitcoins they had, had come to the fore by suing Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the famous social media company Facebook, claiming that Facebook's ownership was theirs.
The brothers, who agreed with Zuckerberg for $ 65 million, used $ 11 million of this money to invest in BitCoin.

At the same time, the twins, professional rowers, also participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China.


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