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How much is the cost of making a $ 1249 iPhone TENS Max?

IPhone Tens Max Max is a huge 6.5 inch olead display.

Apple has recently opened three new iPhones In the iPhone Tens Max Max is the largest display in the phone. The bigger the display price of this phone too much. Find out the most expensive iPhone models to be open till today.

The price of the new Tensile Max is $ 1,494, which is about one lakh four thousand taka in Bangladeshi money. But how much money does Apple make of this phone?

A techinsights website recently reported that Apple's cost to create a iPhone Tens Max Max of 256GB is $ 443 (about $ 37,000). On the other hand, the company spent $ 395.44 (about 33,000 rupees) in the year to create 64-GB version of the iPhone tens.

IPhone Tens Max Max is a huge 6.5 inch olead display.

The report further said that Apple's expenditure for iPhone tens display in the previous year was 77.27 US dollars. And this year, the iPhone Tens Max phone display price has increased to $ 80.50. So the new phone has a big display, but Apple is not spending too much for it.

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