Apple discounts are a bad sign NEWS

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The action is unusual for Apple: The iPhone maker, known for high and stable prices, advertises for some weeks with discounts. In Germany, customers are also getting a significant discount on the exchange of old devices, as is prominently announced on the website.


It's another sign that the fabulous growth story Apple has been captivating shareholders for years is over. The peak in the summer, which helped the group to a stock market valuation of more than a trillion dollars, seems to be only a distant memory.

The electronics manufacturer is highly profitable, and that's not going to change that fast. Nevertheless, he has to answer the shareholders and analysts an important question: how does he want to deal with the fact that the demand for his most important product, the iPhone, apparently sinks? Finally, futures are traded on the stock market.

The discount campaign is no coincidence: Submissions from suppliers indicate that the iPhone sales in the Christmas business was well below expectations. The market is barely growing, which is also noticeable in the premium segment. The hardware is mature, spectacular innovations missing.

Nevertheless, the group has continued to raise prices. The top model iPhone XS Max costs 1,650 euros when fully equipped. The hasty discount campaign shows that many buyers do not accept this. Exact sales figures Apple is now keeping silent.

What does that mean? The iPhone is the ticket to an Apple Club. Users should spend money on music there, buy headphones and speakers. This club is, admittedly, big. However, the company does not cite any key figures that indicate the strength of this business model. Lack of information does not like stockbrokers. They are a recipe for falling courses.

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