Why Samsung is better than Apple

in #apple4 years ago

There is no doubt that Apple has greatly added value through its innovative ways to society, but there are certain dynamics that show drawbacks of Apple. These dynamics are given in detail,

i. Samsung is Open source software whereas Apple iOS is closed source software: Users can download and install lot of software that are open source in Samsung and take full advantage of various applications. On other hand Apple is closed source software, therefore it only allows limited software. In result, users have fewer options to take advantage of Apple

ii. Free Samsung Applications vs Paid Apple Application: If Samsung is compared with Apple in terms of paid versus free applications then, Samsung has a lot of free applications whereas Apple has a lot of paid applications. Therefore, Apple is highly expensive to use.

iii. Samsung has lot of market share in comparison with Apple: Samsung covers three segments of customers: Elitel, upper middle and lower middle whereas Apple only covers Upper Class and upper middle class. Therefore, it has fewer customers and market share than Samsung.