Apple Harvest - 1020

in #applelast month (edited)

My apple tasted good. It was kind of like a granny smith but red. Hopefully I get bigger apples next year. I only had one apple which is better than zero. I think I had two apple blossoms.

I'm very happy I liked it since it was grown from seed and could have easily turned out to be a bad tasting crabapple.



"Friday 10-23-20"



I hope that next year's harvest will be better, thank you very much for sharing

Wow that is some small apple, I guess it you had alot of them it wouldn't really matter, let's hope next time the tree can produce more of them.

Yeah maybe I will try and fertilize it with something to get bigger apples. It is a new tree so fingers crossed. At least it is good though. A lot of times you get nasty crab apples I think if you grow from seed.

great Apple,good harvest for you next year


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