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Project Information

Please limit your responses in this section to 140 characters.
Company name

DCorp France

Place of Incorporation


Token name (if applicable)


Token Type (ERC20, Steem-Engine, SMT etc.)


Project Type (for profit business, flagging project, community, others please specify) For profit business.

Existing Delegation Received

When did you get the delegation?

January 2018

Under what terms did you receive the delegation?

That the delegation does not get abused

What was the intended purpose for the delegation?

Growing DTube

How have you applied your delegation for that purpose?

We used the voting power with the original concept of STEEM: a social network rewarding its users. 99.9% of our voting power went directly to video content uploaded on DTube and largely increased the incentive for Steemians posting and voting on DTube and powered the growth of our website.

How long are you requesting the continuation with the delegation?

24 months


Please limit responses to 300 characters.
What problem is the product/project solving?

DTube is building a new type of video sharing platform without targeted advertising, automated moderation and no collection of personal data. It replaces these with a new tokenized economy based on the Proof of Brain mechanism. It protects users digital monetization sovereignty to ensure that they cannot be abused in the same manner as occurs in other centralized and non-crypto based competing video services.

Core Team Details

Please limit responses to 500 characters for each team member.

Write short summaries about each core team member including their achievements to show they have a strong track record. Add links to their LinkedIn profiles to this section.

@heimindanger: A highly experienced full stack engineer who worked for the e-commerce industry in the past. Passionate about games, game theory and cryptography. Architect of the project, he designed, advertised, and turned DTube from an idea into a concrete project seen by millions

@Nannal: 5 years as a SysAdmin and 3 years as a security engineer. In charge of operations, he builds and maintains the DTube cluster with distributed storage and encoding power

@Macron: MSc in Finance from La Sorbonne University Paris, he founded and successfully sold a business in data security and was 1st employee of Stephane Plaza Immobilier, the fastest growing real estate network in France. He is in charge of strategy & business development

@Hetmasteen: C-level position in fast-growing start-ups and ex-strategy consultant, he is in charge of user growth and partnerships. Worked for Google and La Ruche Qui Dit Oui!, European leader for decentralized food distribution

@Steeminator3000: Community and Curation manager Dtube, he is in charge of creating a healthy relationship with the community, create feedback channels and moderate the content flow.
3 years work experience in the crypto space and a PR assistant at various organizations in Turkey (Tema Vakfi, Piri Reis Denizcilik Vakfi and TLC Turkey, a TV Channel mostly focused on reality shows and rebranded version of CNBC-e in 2015)

Minimum Viable Products

Please limit responses to 500 characters per product.

Provide links to your minimum viable products and describe it. If it is not available, please describe it and include how you plan to build it and when it will be built. is world's #1 Dapp for video and the only fully decentralized video sharing site on the Steem blockchain. It was one of the very first DApp on Steem and has grown to international recognition with extensive press coverage in mainstream outlets.

Business Strategy

Please limit responses in this section to 250 characters per question.

Fiat Revenue Strategy: [E.g. We plan to sell NFTs which represent in-game items for US Dollars]

We will launch a merchandising store (by Q4,2019) and have struck a partnership with the Brave browser referral program, and have plans to provide advertising to non-logged users.

Fiat Revenue Projections in $/user every month: [E.g. $10/user]


How will your business strategy increase the amount of STEEM being powered up and/or burnt?

With the DTube platform, users are encouraged to increase their voting power to promote videos on the steem blockchain and its many interfaces. In addition, our DApp attracts new users who are required to have an account on Steem and through their activities we believe we are growing the number of accounts who are powering up and burning steem.

What financial incentives are you willing to provide to Steemit, Inc. and/or the Steem Community in return for the delegation? i.e. What's your skin in the game? [E.g. project tokens, revenue-share, etc.]
(Without a return there's not a partnership, it's simply a contribution, and one that's easily left behind. In order to encourage businesses and communities to commit to the Steem blockchain and ecosystem long term there needs to be both a contract and a mutually benefical partnership.)

We have provided an offical offer to Steemit Inc of our native DTube Coin token that we don't feel it suitable to disclose publicly. We will however be providing DTC to our users based on their previous earnings on DTube.

Are you or how will you become financially sustainable once the delegation is removed?

We will be utilising our own token for funding & as previously mentioned have plans for merchandise, non-targetted advertising & plans for further strategic partnerships.

KPI Progress Measurement

Please limit each KPI description in this section to 100 characters.

Suggest at least 3 KPI’s per project with which to measure the progress of your project(s) in its(their) current phase. KPI’s must be measurable and objective (a percentage or numerical value), or binary (yes / no or completed / not completed).

Please note:

  • KPIs are to be reviewed and evaluated by the committee in the next quarter.
  • KPI descriptions shouldn't change without a change request form.
  • Targets will be adjusted every quarter in future appliction.
  • Refer to this post for sample/suggested KPIs.

KPI1 description: Monthly Unique visitors
KPI1 target: 1 Million

KPI2 description: Monthly Active Users
KPI2 target: 20,000

KPI3 description: Monthly Revenue
KPI3 target: $40,000

Token Offering (If Applicable)

If you are planning on offering a token, please fill out details below. Otherwise, if you haven’t tokenized, but still provide a service, please describe the service and the amount of that service that you’re offering to perform for Steemit and/or the Steem community in exchange for the delegation.

Token Details

Please limit responses to each question in this section to 10 characters.

Token Launch date

Q4, 2019

Total Token Supply at launch

100 Million

Fundraising target (in order to fund expansion into the operational / project growth phase / mass market adoption)

$2 Million

Yearly inflation

This is variable based on the number of active users.

Percentage of total token supply that will be airdropped to ALL Steem stakeholders (a/k/a SP holders) in proportion to their SP

50% of the total amount will be airdropped to Steem users based on their previous earnings on the DTube platform.

How many tokens and what percentage of your token supply will you offer Steemit Inc. / the Steem Community in exchange for the delegation?

Do you plan to launch an IEO, ICO, STO or other public token offering?

Yes, IEO of 25 Million DTC.

Do you plan to raise money from other investors?

Not at this time.

What is the vesting period for the following:
a) Team members

24 Months.

b) Early / seed round investors


c) ICO investors

Until Mainnet launch

What is the % token distribution to:
a) Team

25% for all steem users who contributed to the project.

b) Marketing


If you haven't tokenized, but still provide a service, please describe the service and the amount of that service that you're offering to perform for Steemit and/or the Steem community in exchange for the delegation.

Delegation Request

Please limit responses in this section to 10 characters.

How much of a delegation are you requesting? Limit your requests to one of the three tiers: Top-Tier, Mid-Tier or Test-Tier.


Specify the desired time frame for the delegation in 6 month increments: [E.g. 6 months, 1 year, etc.]

24 months

Which one of the following answers best describes how the delegation will be used to add direct value to Steem:
A. It will be used to create new accounts.
B. It will be used to give new accounts 15 SP to give them the resources needed to use Steem and purchase goods and/or services through our platform.
C. It will be used to incentivize the creation of content that promotes Steem / your project on external platforms.
D. It will be used to provide limited trial or discount services to clients to encourage them to hold Steem and delegate in the future.
E. Other: Please describe.

A, C, D + E: Increasing the overall's quality of STEEM's content through a 100% manual curation of the video content. This includes content moderation.


We agree that our business will continue to leverage the Steem blockchain as long as we are receiving a delegation and 1 year following the removal of the delegation. During this time we also agree to promote the Steem blockchain as a valuable technological protocol that delivers unique value. We are willing to sign a legally binding contract with Steemit, Inc. to this effect.

Renewal Questions: Impact to Date Since the Start of Delegations

DTube's vision is to provide an ethical alternative to other videos platforms like YouTube. As such, tracking of our users is naturally something we intend to avoid wherever possible. As a result we are unable to answer many of these questions and feel that divulging such information may not be in the best interest of our userbase.

Table 1 (Totals)

QuarterQ4 2017Q1 2018Q2 2018Q3 2018Q4 2018Q1 2019Q2 2019July 2019August 2019
(1)* # Users onboardedN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
(2a) Users (Steem)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A88000
(2b) Users (non steem)000000000
(3) ImpressionsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
(4) Value disbursed from delegation (USD)_______
(5) External Revenue (USD)000000000
(6) Steem Powered Up (Project Accounts)000000000
(7) Steem Powered Up (Clients)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
(8) Steem Power Delegated (Community)000000000
(9a) KPI 1 (Monthly Unique Visitors)0.7M4.1M2.5M1.4M1M1.2M1.2M1MN/A
(9b) KPI 2 (Monthly Active Users)_______
(9c) KPI 3 (Monthly Revenues)_______
(10a) Steem burned000000000
(10b) SBD burned000000000

* SteemIt staff could easily pull those numbers from the referral of the steemit's registration page.

Table 2: Steem Power Delegated Per Client


Questions (Where applicable, fill in tables above)

Please fill out the answers to these qustions as best as you can. If it is not applicable to your project please put N/A. You will be asked to upload spreadsheet data in the Google Form, you can clone samples from here: ( Table 1 | Table 2 ).

How many new accounts have been created using your projects' account this quarter?


a) How many Steem accounts are interacting with your project (this includes guest accounts as well as Steem user accounts)

More than 12,200 since 6/24/2019, we believe the number of total steemians who have interacted with DTube to be well over 100K.

b) How many Guest (non Steem) accounts are interacting with your project

We have no method of distinguishing non-steem from steem users, however we have had 502,081 unique visitors over the past 30 days.

How many impressions is your project getting?

79,005,646 over the past 30 days.

What is the total quarterly (USD) value of rewards disbursed directly tied to the delegation? (can be a negative number of your projects is a flagging project)

How much external revenue have you generated in USD per quarter? Do not count Steem income from curation / voting.


How much revenue have you brought to Steem as measured by total STEEM powered up through your project's Steem accounts


How much Steem is delegated to your project to manage on behalf of your clients? (fill sum in table 1, and show break down by client on table 2)


How much Steem Power is delegated to your project from the Steem community?


For the KPIs listed above, back report progress for the duration of the delegation on a quarter by quarter basis.

How much Steem / SBD has your project burned?

~1,000SBD from posted articles

Describe what value the project continues to bring to the Steem community and why the community should continue to support your project?

Dtube is Steems original and premier video platform. DTube offers users the unique ability to fully control their videos by either self hosting, relying on ipfs pinning services, using DTubes own infrastructure or using third party oembed services. It actively works towards protecting user's free speech it has not engaged in promoting overt hatespeech and prides itself on it's experienced team of video curators and it's userbase's ability to ensure that only high-quality material which is of interest to the community is within the trending and hot feeds.

The majority of this content is vlog style videos which provides our user base with an alternative outlet for media creation beyond the limitations of the blog platforms.

DTube is also the most active video platform on Steem, with an average of one video being posted every three minutes. In comparison, its closest rival currently averages merely one tenth of that activity.

We've had over two million SP fully utilized by our curation team since december 2017 with lapses in activity being rare events. We believe this shows an on-going commitment to ensuring that content is manually curated by humans rather than automatic voting for the projects friends or its largest benefactors.

We feel that it is understandable that Steemians are concerned about our Avalon blockchain ventures. However, we hope, that by allowing Steemians the ample time we have to claim their accounts, and by retaining Steem as a core part of our platform, we have suitably demonstrated that we have been and will be committed to Steem.

Describe your project roadmap with expected timelines and milestones.

We're currenly developing new features, enhancing video playback, expanding our video storage solution and working with legal teams to ensure we are compliant with every aspect of the law. Through these avenues we aim to be able to scale as needed.


  • Full launch DTube v1
  • Mobile Apps
  • UI redesign


  • DTC Initial Exchange Offering
  • DTC Airdrop
  • Launch Referral Program


  • Decentralized and centralized storage optimization
  • Browser extensions for voting on across other video platforms
  • Introduction of distributed Livestreaming
  • DTC open trading
  • DTC open tradability on markets

Q4, 2020:

  • Loading optimisations (Self-built global CDN)
  • Adaptive streaming
  • Reintroduction of 720 & 1080p
  • Launch Merchandising shop

Proof of burn :


As Video Storytelling whether it be personal experience or for business is big and growing
DTube will definitely reach out to a wider audience adding to what the SteemVerse already brings to Social Media
All the best @DTube

This application lacks many answers and requirements, not sure if you are aware of this post:


thanks, we will resubmit the right form ;)

Percentage of total token supply that will be airdropped to ALL Steem stakeholders (a/k/a SP holders) in proportion to their SP: 75 Million airdrop to the Steem community (75%of initial circulating supply)

Of course this is up to you guys but when you make a proportional airdrop the rich accounts have no incentive to buy DTC they are whales anyway and for medium it would make more sense to buy some Steem before the airdrop and Power up, this way they’ve got Steem and DTC and I would guess small account do not buy anyway.

The airdrop isn't strictly proportional to the SP, it will be based on your STEEM activity since DTube's inception and your usage of DTube on STEEM. If you never posted a video or voted on one, you won't be eligible for the airdrop. But still, the stronger your votes (i.e. the more stake you have on steem and used on dtube videos), the higher the airdrop you will receive. Do you think we should edit it to be more clear in the application?

I guess it would be clearer, since I was the only one with this plea, it seems not necessary.

@dtube, the yearly inflation rate is said to be at the level of 1,5%. As I remember in the previous announcement it was said that the inflation would be dynamic and would change to the number of users/activity on DTube blockchain. Have you changed your mind?

Mistake has been corrected. 1.5% is kinda what we estimate will be the dilution rate for the first year for DTC if we have a moderate growth and onboarding

@dtube is the platform that kept me and a lot of steemians, creating in steem. Before I joined @dtube I was working very hard and earning cents from my steemit posts. I was doing that for more than a year and the second year my excitement kept growing and growing just because of @dtube !

No whale is upvoting steemians like @dtube. No application could be more rewarded than this platform.

You can also watch more about the benifits of dtube here :

I think @dtube really deserve that delegation !

I hope you guys will have the 1 million delegation. :)

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GodSpeed ! @dtube 💙

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Why are you even asking for delegation? Didn't you leave steem just live dlive? You don't even use this chain anymore!
2 million unique monthly visitors? No way you have that.
Look, I don't hate you guys, but your site is horribly broken, you left steem, and you've had years to improve literally anything but nothing got done.

I'm not really feeling this request


We very much do still use the Steem block chain.

You can verify this by using the site while only being logged into your Steem account.

The reason we've resorted to implementing our own chain is that the Steem offering did not provide the required flexibility that we were looking for. For example, we feel it important that video creators are rewarded much beyond the limit imposed by Steem and our rewarding mechanism is also something which is similar to but not possible under Steem.

It's a shame you feel the site is broken, we obviously don't, but we'd be happy to listen to where your finding issue and perhaps we can see where you feel we could improve. User feedback is vital (both positive and negative) and is almost always welcomed.

The reason we've resorted to implementing our own chain is that the Steem offering did not provide the required flexibility that we were looking for. For example, we feel it important that video creators are rewarded much beyond the limit imposed by Steem and our rewarding mechanism is also something which is similar to but not possible under Steem.

I don't understand what is missing on Steem. If the numbers you've provided on monthly visitors and user growth are real then there would be plenty of opportunities for you to monetize that traffic of which a portion of the external value that flows in gets added to the reward pool in the form of liquid STEEM tokens. Which can be distributed in whatever way you or the userbase finds fitting.

This isn't so much an issue with the user base and growth, while we have had issues with users gaining steem accounts, our primary concerns were related to on-going monetisation of users content (past 7 days), having a single liquid asset which would provide the basis for voting power and an ability to provide an uncapped voting asset.

We also took issue with the rampant use of "bidbots" and other activities which are almost encouraged in the steem environment. Through the remove of "delegation" features we are able to combat that and we can ensure that votes are cast by users as opposed to being paid for.

This isn't an issue of monetisation, as stated, it's an issue of flexibility and of the operations provided by the chain.

I don't understand what is missing on Steem.

It's not only about what's missing, it's also about what isn't working as expected. I wrote a long article about that :

plenty of opportunities for you to monetize that traffic

How? You want me to put ads? You want me to sell users data? Send aggressive mailing lists? Sell them Mene gold? Promote scammy ICOs? Honestly you're not the first to pretend that but I honestly think you have no idea about either the vision behind the project or the way 'monetizing trafic' works.

And yes we already onboarded tons of people onto steem through the years, probably more than any other UI apart from steemit. And sadly a large % of those many people got lost during the 2 weeks onboarding process. And even those who got past it, we lost most of them because of price and because the mechanisms just suck. Content is artificially boosted, top contents are not quality, community is just looking to earn.

Thanks for the reply. I will provide a more long-form answer to your question about monetization that is still aligned with dtubes vision (one that I mostly share and have supported). And yes, I agree with the last concerns. Although I think this can also be worked around on Steem.

I get not wanting to put ads, but funding through merch sales... yikes

People are supposed to host their own content.I don't understand the complaining here, just Fork DTube and build a true p2p system. If you are unsure. Funding can be had through donations of course, or you can build a paid app and a free app. Paid application has more features. Fairly simple to do.

doesn't matter how "fairly simple to do" it all is, no one wants an alternative to youtube if they gotta pay for it, that business idea will fucking tank, HARD.

also, the idea of having people host their own content is a bit iffy, but more feasible. and don't just counter with the "fork your own version" bs, i'm not the one asking for delegation. Why can't I post valid criticism? seems like something we should want, no, NEED, when people ask money.

"I don't understand what is missing on Steem."

Steem only believes in 2 million Steem delegation for video, they clearly don't believe video is the future. That is why more flexibility is needed, you need a more liquid reward system that goes all into video

half of the videos just straight up don't play or take ages to load. I don't have gigabit internet, but it's pretty damn good.

If you're on your own chain, and you only use stteem for account login, do you really deserve delegation from steemit?

Our video delivery is working very well for some time now. Are you sure you aren't on 'Source' quality by default or something like that? Put yourself on 480p and everything will load fine.

If you are on source it would explain why some don't load, as the source files are sometimes not web-compatible.

Some of the videos load ok (takes a while, maybe roughly 8 seconds to start, but that's perfectly reasonable for a startup like yours), others are really bad and that's at 480

You are aware you compare to YouTube that is 15 years old? It took YouTube 5 years to launch 480p

Are you comparing to 2004 Internet? Agreed that good things take time but you really think that comparison still flies?
You think my 2004 iPad Pressario was somehow comparable to my 2019 phone?

There were many other issues in 2004 when it came to video.

"I am aware I compare to YouTube"?
Where did I make this comparison, I literally gave them leeway for being slow, lol, wtf?

You must have a bad Internet or something, of course you compare to YouTube as its the only other video site, and you need perspective, 15 years is YouTube

Most stuff is loading okay

You don't even use this chain anymore!

uh wat? Bro don't fucking use your keyboard when you're drunk

you should stick to being a developer, your PR customer responses are trash

You come here and comment with total lies? How do you want me to respond? You're a fucking liar trying to discredit my project. You deserve no PR answer.

Try to name the lie I said. When I mentioned you don't use this platform, you only use it for account sign in. How the fuck does that bring any value to steem when people can just create an account using your other method.

Seriously, go ahead, try, use this opportunity to educate people on how you're actually providing value to steem. You don't disperse steem, you don't need a steem account, you don't store shit on the chain, try me bro, try it.

You obviously haven't even tried the product, you make quick assumptions and you believe you are right.
Any video posted gets posted to steem. Any comment too. Any vote too. How exactly is that just 'using it for log in' ?

You are going further and further into the lies, and I already know people like you never admit they were wrong. Adios

i'm actually pretty fine with admitting when I'm wrong no point not to, everyone else sees your wrong might as well go ahead and admit it

as for you claims, so if i don't make a steem account, but instead create an account through dtube site, I don't now own a steem account, correct?
so when I just embed a youtube video onto dtube, how does that get posted to steem?
same with comments, votes, whatever

Hello @okiedokieboy,

Let's try to be factual on your legitimate question:

  1. You can not create a DTube account if you have not a Steem account so far
  2. If you are posting a content, and you have opportunity to be rewarded both in Steem and DTC (DTube Coins), how many people will only choose DTC (same post, same effort) ?

Put in another way: Steem will benefit from new DTubers, and DTube benefits from Steemians.

So why oppose DTube and Steem, whereas they two decentralized projects helping one another?

but instead create an account through dtube site

How? Can you show me how? Because you can't...

You are talking out of your ass. Your are BOLDING LIES and you compare me to a LINO scum. FUCK YOU AND I HOPE YOU DIE

Is anyone going to respond to my "lost keys" dtube request before 8/31?

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Hi Tony,

Sorry for the delay in contacting you, we won't be processing any lost keys before main net launch.

We also aim to check in with every user who has provided invalid data. From what I can see your data looks to be correct however a full evaluation will be performed before mainnet launch.

If you want to talk further I'm always available on discord @nannal#9474 or via email [email protected]

What are you referring to with regards to a "full evaluation"?

The a member of staff will review all submissions to ensure they are correct.

  1. Does the public key match the one sent in the memo
  2. Is the key a valid key
  3. Does the key differ from the one we have already associated with the account

If these three things are true we can be sure that the key provided is new, owned by the right person and will work as long as the owner has the corresponding private key.

I hope this clears things up for you.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.


I'm ready for steem delegation🤗🤗

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