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Cool Rock Formations - Beach in Palos Verdes California

By: @nuthman


We've been walking down to the beach near where we live in Palos Verdes off and on for years now, but my favorite time to come is when the tide has receded a bit.


Sonic Groove Live | Week #3 | Stay with me (Cover Sam Smith) by Eugelys

By: @eugelys


Once upon a time...
...there was a singer who was looking for a guitarist to record a cover, she climbed mountains, went down rainbows, sailed seas of cotton candy... but she didn't find him, so she had to take her guitar and play it by herself (hahaha).... The End


Flying at 2000' to Frank Lake to get Pictures 📷

By: @unipsycho


Got out to fly before the wind picked up the other day. My mission was to do a flight about 20km away to fly around the outskirts of Frank Lake, south of where I live.


Holmes and Watson floundering

By: @wales


This is the continuing story of Holmes and Watson when they were very old... +++ means it's the radio talking...


Some Say I Have Big Feet...I Say I Won't Tip Over Easily {#PowerHouseCreatives Contest}

By: @plantstoplanks


My pal @zord189 challenged us #powerhousecreatives folks to think about what kind of shoe we would be for the weekly community contest.


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You are doing amazing work in the platform and I got your awesome curation once. I admire your work and your presence in the steem platform is making positive impact. Have a great weekend.

I always appreciate your helping nature and supports quality content everyday..
I am your one of the fan who introduced with you during 7 pushups challenge..
Thank you for your good work..

You are welcome, I do remember your posts about @nathanmars's challenge, just keep up the good work.

That's exactly!. your remembering capacity is great..

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