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It is wonderfully rewarding to show support to people who are truly making an effort on this fantastic platform!

@appreciator is all about encouraging and supporting quality content on the Steemit platform. Our collaboration with #steemitbloggers is just one of the ways in which we are supporting this endeavour.

Every day @appreciator has offered to sponsor a generous upvote to 3 quality posts by the members of the #SteemitBloggers community server on discord. The aim of this endeavor is to encourage and support quality content on the Steemit platform as well as within the Steemit Bloggers server.

Ok, so lets go take a look a what today's bloggers have for us... Enjoy! and please show some love to your fellow Steemit Bloggers!

Global CryptoReg Roundup #002

By: @bubbleboy

The Global CryptoReg Roundup is a weekly digest of crypto-focused political, regulatory, and legal news from across the globe. No frills or needless exposition. Just the facts (ma'am)....

Snowy Slightly Silent Sunday in New Hampshire

By: @traciyork

It snowed overnight. The local forecast says on Wednesday, it might reach 70F/21C. What else can I say? 😜 Oh, how about all of these shots were taken in my Durham, NH yard this morning (8am-ish EST) with my my trusty Nikon.

Count the blessing #2: Little gesture of help and love

By: @iamjadeline

During Chinese New Year holiday when my friend (who also helps with taking care of Jansen) will spend her holiday at her hometown for 2 weeks, it will be the busiest days of my life with heaps of housechores, taking care of family plus a little bit more challenging because of special care and attention for Jansen. At times there is just too much to do and to juggle I literally feel flat out as flat as a pancake. Tyre punctured so to speak.


It is truly AMAZING to see the wonderful posts that are being submitted for our daily upvotes... keep them rolling in!!


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We will see you all again tomorrow for our next three fantastical bloggers...

Disclaimer: Appreciator is merely a support system for the Steemit Community and does not directly endorse any of the viewpoints shared in the selected posts.



Thank you!

Another day, and yet another masterpiece. Go mighty #Steemitbloggers.

You know the deal. Upvoted, resteemed, and shared across the other lesser social networks. :)

Congratulations to all the winners.🍌🍌🍌🍌.

Refunded. Minimum suggested bid is now 3 SBD, kindly be careful next time

hello @appreciate
I transfered 3 sbd 20 minutes ago but i realized that this post older than 3.5 day .
I mistakenly copyed my lastmonth post .
Can you check it ?

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Congratiolations to winners. I hope one day will won some rewards :)

Hi @appreciator! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.01 SBD @tipU from @traciyork :)

Felicidades para todos, y a seguir con esa mismas ganas y actitud, Saludos..

Hey there I've sent you 2SBD first and then noticed it's 3SBD minimum so I sent you another 1SBD for the same post I hope it sill works thanks very much in advance it's for a writing contest i created :)

Refunded. Minimum suggested bid is now 3 SBD, kindly be careful next time

Thanks I am sending the bid again I appreciate the quick response

I think many of your posts have been accepted and I will continue to think

congratulations to the winners

Hello, I am writing to notify you that yesterday I sent them 6sbd to promote a post and they have not yet done it, and yet I have seen that you have voted post that were paid much later than mine, I would appreciate your prompt reply

All your posts have been upvoted, can you specify the link?

Hi my friend, I pay first 40 sbd and later 6sbd for the same link, and you only pay me the first and not the 6sbd

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Nice one @appreciator.
I do patronise your services all the time so please do upvote me for free today

I think they never gonna do this :( @steemdiva

But anyway I will still patronise their services it I really cool for minnows like me

every steemian needs to be noticed more by anyone who sees the post he has made, sometimes the steemans continue to do whatever they have, even if one does not give in without the despair of the steemers to be tough and keep trying to improve so that people will appreciate the work of our own, Please guidance and direction so that the work we have can be appreciated by others thank you @appreciator

Hi, I appreciate your work 😉

Unfortunatly I already transfered 3 SBD three hours ago when I realized that this article (https://steemit.com/busy/@chriddi/drohnendienstag-teekesselchen) is too old 😔
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Cool, thank you very much!

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Promised! 😎

Thank you for the pick! I am honored to be with the other two. Thank you so much.

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Thank you for finding quality content to upvote especially from little plankton like myself! I am going to go read all these posts now :)

Amazing work, @appreciator <3 Love your contributions to making Steemit a quality blogging space <3 Keep it up :D :D :D

(also also sorry but i kinda sent 4SBD for https://steemit.com/drawing/@veryspider/ryo-asuka-devilman-crybaby.... 4 hours ago, and I didn't realise that the post was too old for this initiative ; __ ; ) (would you be able to refund?) (; __ ;)

(sorry again and thank you so much :>)

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I sure wish more people would take notice of my Content...

COIN MAN by @pocketechange ...A penny may cost a dollar...