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Happy Sunday Steem world and I hope life is good.

Here are a few from an abandoned bomb store in Llanberis. This place is a lightpainting paradise. It's sheltered from the elements, pitch black during the day and has lots of wonderful features over 2 floors. It is however a bit of a pain to get inside and the atmosphere inside this concrete jungle is a little oppressive.

I don't do well lightpainting in urbex locations. After I had a rather scary encounter in an old brewery in Sheffield with @fastchris This has kind of set the tone for me and urbex, I must admit I'd rather be alone in a cave in the middle of the countryside than with a group in an urbex location. I struggle to be creative when I am not at ease.

That said the bomb store is worth my increased heart rate and patchy concentration as it really is an amazing place to wave lights around in the dark.

Here are a few more from this spot and you never know I might make it back inside this coming summer.

180 camera rotation and zoom pulled fibers.

Camera rotation, led stick and tripod swapping fun.

360 rotation of my led stick and some black fibers behind Phill F.

Simple vape and torch shot. I love the sense of mystery here.

I hope you enjoyed a little taste from within this awesome location and I hope you all enjoy the week ahead.

Blown out background with an inner silhouette.

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Happy days.

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It looks like a justin timberlake music video 😅 So coooool ⚜️🌀⚜️

Haha. Thanks very much :)

Cool stuff despite your risk averse attitude to urbex haha

It just does my brain in mate. I can't concentrate. It's quite an irrational fear really and I need to snap out of it :)

This is just amazing. The output you generated is unbelievable. Always up class.

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Cheers mate. You'd love it in there.

Compliments to your outstanding work. Everything seems so effortless in your kitchen. Can you cook?

Do you ever eat in the kitchen / studio?

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